ARC Industry Forum Europe | May 15-16, Barcelona

Wherever we look, processes, machines and devices are becoming increasingly networked and intelligent. Production machines, gas turbines and thermostats exchange data with each other. Refineries, oil rigs, mines and wind turbines are optimized in their operational performance by networking and digitization. 

The challenges for industrial cybersecurity continue to rise. Blurred boundaries between IT, OT and IoT increase the need for more integrated collaborative cybersecurity strategies. The number of clouds and edge devices has exploded, changing the architecture of automation systems. The development of OPC UA, DDS and TSN has significant implications for industrial communications and fieldbuses. With his participation, Rhebo shows how to easily manage this breakthrough developments with an integrated solution and how to prepare your company for the challenges of the future.

  • Rhebo Discussion at the »Industrial Cybersecurity Workshop:
    Cybersecurity for Discrete and Process Industries« ,
    Speaker: Klaus Mochalski, CEO Rhebo, Wednesday, Mai 16th, 2:20 pm
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