Combined OT Security and Process Stability at it-sa 2019

  • Rhebo introduces combined solution for industrial security and network condition monitoring
  • Rhebo demonstrates with various customer projects how the challenges of digitization can be addressed holistically and meaningfully.
  • Rhebo offers free tickets to it-sa 2019 and invites you to Hall 10.1/327

 Leipzig, Germany, September 17, 2019 - At it-sa 2019, Rhebo will demonstrate how industrial and critical infrastructure companies can protect their industrial control systems against cyber attacks, vulnerabilities as well as technical error conditions. Rhebo is thus the only provider of an industrial network monitoring solution to expand the area of OT security to include the aspect of process stability in industrial plants.

»Particularly with the introduction of IoT-enabled devices and the expansion of remote maintenance and remote control, industrial plants and critical infrastructures are increasingly becoming the focus of cybercriminals and governmental agencies,« says Klaus Mochalski, CEO of Rhebo, explaining the increasing threat potential. »At the same time, the complexity and heterogeneity of the facilities and production IT is growing. This increases the risk of technical errors such as incorrect configurations and overload conditions as well as conflicts and process interruptions due to incompatible factory settings.«

In order to secure industrial plants against cyber attacks and technical error states, it is therefore important to monitor the industrial control systems holistically. All devices, their characteristics, connections and communication patterns must be inventoried and analyzed. This not only makes it possible to identify existing vulnerabilities. Through the real-time analysis of communication within the network, changes in the behavior of the devices become immediately visible. In addition to security-related events such as modified command patterns, this also includes technical errors such as delayed round trip times or checksum errors. Operators are thus always informed as to whether potential disruptions are developing in their industrial control systems and whether data integrity, data authenticity or data security are at risk.

Today, already 15 percent of Germany's power supply is protected by Rhebo Industrial Protector. German power utilities such as Stromnetz Hamburg, EWR Worms and Mitnetz are analysing their industrial control system using network monitoring from Rhebo. Water supply, automotive, steel and chemical companies have also been increasingly implementing Rhebo's increased transparency and security in their industrial control systems over the past few years. Between 2017 and 2018, Rhebo was thus able to increase its revenues by 300 percent.

Visitors to it-sa 2019 in Nuremberg, Germany, will have the opportunity to experience the interaction between security and stability at a live demo of Rhebo. At it-sa, Rhebo will also exclusively present version 2.8 of its Rhebo Industrial Protector. The version of the network monitoring solution, which will be released in November, extends the OT security functions by, among other things:

  • Application and Threat Database: Threat intelligence on known vulnerabilities and information on typical applications.
  • Active Asset Discovery: minimally invasive inventory of all assets and associated details.

In his talk "Cyberwar and Downtimes - How Industry 4.0 Challenges Critical Infrastructures", Rhebo CEO Klaus Mochalski will also present results from projects in practice and outline the dangers for networked industrial plants.

Visit Rhebo at it-sa:

  • Booth: Hall 10.1 - 327
  • Lecture: "Cyberwar and Downtimes - How Industry 4.0 Challenges Critical Infrastructures", Speaker: Klaus Mochalski, Thursday, 10 October, 10 am, International Forum

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