Cybersecurity and network monitoring for a failure-free operation of ICS at HANNOVER MESSE

, Leipzig
  • At the HANNOVER MESSE, Rhebo will present the further development of its industrial anomaly detection for industrial control systems and network control technology at two booths as well as in the Xpert room of T-Systems Multimedia Solutions.
  • The cybersecurity and functionality of industrial control systems is a basic prerequisite for integrated industries, which are the focus of the world's leading trade fair.
  • In several expert talks Rhebo presents case studies of network attacks and malfunctions that have been detected for the first time in companies with the help of its industrial anomaly detection.

Leipzig/Hanover, Germany, 04/04/2018 ‒ This year's world's leading trade fair for industry will focus on integrated industry strategies, which involve the extensive networking of automation and energy technology, intralogistics, various IT and OT platforms as well as artificial intelligence. Thus the Industrial Control Systems (ICS) in automation companies as well as the network control technology in critical infrastructures functioning as the nervous system are finally moving into the center of an effective and safe fourth industrial revolution.

In addition to the challenge of complete cybersecurity, the avoidance of technical malfunctions within increasingly complex ICS is a decisive aspect in the successful implementation of the IIoT. Securing real-time processes and maximum plant availability ensure continuity and cost efficiency in the companies.

Rhebo secures the nervous system of industry 4.0: the ICS

Rhebo presents the advancement of its award-winning industrial anomaly detection Rhebo Industrial Protector. This supports industrial companies and critical infrastructures in ensuring the complete monitoring and functionality of their industrial networks. In order to address the special requirements of these two sectors, Rhebo will be present at two booths, in Hall 6 on the subject »Industrial Security« as well as in Hall 13 »Util:IT«. Rhebo Industrial Protector will also be presented in the Xpert-Room of T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH (Hall 6) as a solution for industrial network security.

 »With the integrated industry, the dream of the Industrial Internet of Things becomes reality. However, the success of this all-embracing concept depends on the failure-free functionality of the industrial networks,« notes Klaus Mochalski, CEO of Rhebo. »Integration only adds value if companies and critical infrastructures ensure that real-time processes are protected from any disruption without exception and 24/7. Industrial companies therefore need an intelligent, comprehensive and at the same time lean network monitoring system«.

Visit Rhebo at the HANNOVER MESSE

  • Plant availability and security of networked production, Hall 6/D02 ‒ Industrial Security
  • Securing critical infrastructures, Hall 13/E20 ‒ Util:IT
  • T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH, Hall 6/F16 ‒ Xpert-Room

Expert lectures at the HANNOVER MESSE: From unknown misconfigurations to NotPetya attacks

At the HANNOVER MESSE, Rhebo will present the results of its monitoring projects and Industry 4.0 Stability and Security Audits in several expert talks. Using case studies, the threat vectors for the productivity of automation companies and critical infrastructures are revealed, and solutions for the complete monitoring and interruption-free operation of ICS are discussed.

Rhebo expert talks:

  • »Anomaly detection in networked industry plants«, Klaus Mochalski, CEO Rhebo, Tuesday - 4pm, Hall 6 ‒ Forum Digital Factory / Industrial IT Security
  • »The secret life of a networked plant – Detecting hidden anomalies within the data communication of a smart factory in real-time«, Klaus Mochalski, CEO Rhebo, Wednesday - 1pm, Hall 17/A58 ‒ Young Business Enterprises
  • »Detecting security anomalies in ICS of smart factories«, Klaus Mochalski, CEO Rhebo, Wednesday - 1pm, Hall 14/L19 ‒ Forum Automation
  • »Cyberattacks, outages and insider threats – anomaly detection in the network control technology of energy producers and suppliers«, Dr. Frank Stummer, Business Development Rhebo, Thursday - 4pm, Hall 13 ‒ Forum Life Needs Power
  • Guided Tour 2 with and at Rhebo: »Industry 4.0 & Industrial Internet« (registration required), 1-3 times a day


About Rhebo

Rhebo is a German technology company that is specialized in ensuring the operational reliability of industrial control systems by monitoring control communications. Rhebo provides hardware, software and services to secure networked industrial control systems and Critical Infrastructures as well as to increase productivity. Rhebo is listed as one of the 30 top providers for industrial security in Gartner’s »Market Guide for Operational Technology Security 2017«. The company is member of Teletrust – IT Security Association Germany.



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