EdgeTech Conference | September 17

Edge Tech Konferenz 2020

The Internet of Things will lead to an explosive growth of connected devices: The number of 30 billion connected devices next year is expected to rise to 75 billion by 2025. The enormous amount of data generated by the Internet of Things harbors both opportunities and risks: with sophisticated technology, new business potential can be generated and innovative business models can be developed. However, the latency problem must also be solved and the question of data security must be clarified.

In this combination, edge computing proves to be a potential innovation driver: cost reduction in data transfer to the cloud, minimization of unplanned failure risks, ensuring local autonomy for companies are some of the improvements to be expected with the use of edge technology

  • Visit our online keynote together with INSYS icom: »How Rhebo & INSYS protect the Internet of Energy against cyber attacks and manipulation« with Alexander Müller, Product Manager 

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