Forum Safety & Security 2017 | 4-6 July, Munich

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At the »Forum Safety & Securit« both issues of safety and security and the interplay of both aspects are captured by the view of the industrial and automotive branches. In the form of expert lectures and contributions, solutions will be examined for pressing questions about safety and security. 

The Increasing interconnection of production facilities, known by the keyword »Industry 4.0«, opens doors to a lot of threats. Both, in technology of industrial and automotive production, the safety issue is crucial to preferably exclude threats to operators of machines, facilities and vehicles. Machines and production facilities have to be safeguarded by comprehensive measures from sabotage, hacker attacks and espionage, summarized under the term »security«. The same is needed for vehicles - as the already most complex hubs in IoT.


  • Rhebo's lecture: »Safeguarding of the uninterrupted operation of networked industrial systems using complete analysis of all data flows«, Wednesday July, 5, 1:50pm, Speaker: Klaus Mochalski, CEO Rhebo 
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