6. VDI-Conference »Industrial IT Security« | May 15-16, Düsseldorf/Neuss

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Industrie 4.0 and the IIoT open up new, lucrative business models for companies. However, the associated degree of networking also entails higher risks. Therefore, the topic of IT security becomes a strategic factor for a company's success. But what level of security is necessary? Which strategies and solutions lead to success? And is all that affordable too? These and other questions concerning the security of industrial IT systems are the focus of the 6th VDI Conference "Industrial IT Security 2018".

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  • Moderation at the Roundtable: 
    »Monitoring and responses to anomalies in the control communication«, Wednesday, 16.05., 8:30 am, Speaker: Dr. Frank Stummer, Business Development Rhebo
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