Implementation Guideline for IEC 62443 in IIoT

IEC 62443 Rhebo
  • Rhebo guideline »IEC 62443 on the Shop Floor« provides concrete solutions for the implementation of the industry standard for Industrial Security
  • IEC 62443 »Industrial communication networks – Network and system security« defines strict requirements for securing Industrial Control Systems
  • The international standard emphasizes risk assessment as well as real-time detection of attacks and technical error conditions

Leipzig, Germany, September 18, 2018 - German tech company Rhebo has published a practical guide for operators of Industrial Control Systems (ICS) to implement the requirements of the IEC 62443 industrial standard »Industrial communication networks – Network and system security«. The handbook explains how the comprehensive requirements of the standard in regards to network transparency and continuous identification of fault vectors can be answered by means of industrial anomaly detection.

In addition to specific technical specifications, the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) advocates complete transparency and a comprehensive, repeated risk assessment of ICS in the standard. Industrial companies are thus faced with the challenge of continuously and comprehensively monitoring their control systems.

Kristin Preßler, COO Rhebo

»The digitization of manufacturing companies and the development of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) pose complex challenges for ensuring the functionality of control systems. The international industry standard IEC 62443 addresses these challenges very extensively, but leaves companies alone with the question of how the recommended measures can be implemented. We are responding to this uncertainty with our guideline«.

The guide provides network managers in industrial companies with an overview of how to achieve the goals of the transparent industrial control system, real-time detection of cyber attacks and technical faults, as well as continuous monitoring of all processes in the ICS.

The guideline »IEC 62443 on the Shop Floor« is available under:

About Rhebo

Rhebo is a German technology company that is specialized in ensuring the operational reliability of industrial control systems by monitoring control communications. Rhebo provides hardware, software and services to secure networked industrial control systems and Critical Infrastructures as well as to increase productivity. Rhebo is listed as one of the 30 top providers for industrial security in Gartner’s »Market Guide for Operational Technology Security 2017«. The company is member of Teletrust – IT Security Association Germany as well as Bitkom e.V.



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