Monitoring for the protection of networked Industrial Control Systems at Hannover Messe

, Leipzig
  • Focusing on Industry 4.0, the co-working of man and machine as well as preventive maintenance, the Hanover Fair Trade is fully dedicated to the digitalization of the industry.
  • At the internationally renowned Forum Industrial Automation at the Hanover Fair Trade, Rhebo presents its monitoring and security solutions for digital, efficient productions and robotics.
  • The experts, Dr. Frank Stummer and Stefan Sebastian, discuss challenges and solutions for the security and continuity of industrial, automated production plants in two in-depth lectures.

Leipzig / Hanover, April 4, 2017 - This year’s world-leading trade fair for automation and industry is fully dedicated to Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). In addition to hardware and software solutions for production control, the fair also focuses on the challenges for the security and continuity of Industrial Control Systems (ICS). After all, in a digitally and networked production, it is more important than ever to ensure plant availability and to prevent disruptions.

Hence, Rhebo will present its award-winning security and monitoring solution Rhebo Industrial Protector at this year's Hanover Fair. The system supports industrial enterprises to ensure transparency as well as a consistent monitoring of their ICS.

»Efficiency in automated production is not just a question of faster processing or the introduction of new robotics«, says Klaus Mochalski, CEO of Rhebo. »Digital productions also face huge challenges regarding their ICS management. The growing complexity and increased openness of ICS makes production plants more susceptible to disruptions and failures. Therefore, industrial companies need an intelligent, comprehensive and at the same time lean monitoring system«.

As part of the Hanover Fair Trade, the international Industrial Automation Forum will specifically hold 80 expert lectures on »Digital, efficient production solutions and robotics« discussing the challenges and solutions for efficient production in the age of IIoT. Rhebo will participate in the discussion with two separate lectures on security and plant stability as well as on the requirements for a complete transparency of ICS.

»Without transparency as well as intelligent monitoring and analysis tools, network security and plant availability are at stake«, explains Dr. Frank Stummer, founder and responsible for Business Development at Rhebo, the focus on transparency. »If you want to ensure an efficient and smooth production in your automated plant, you must have 100 % control over your ICS«.

  • You will find Rhebo in Hall 8, booth D19.
  • Rhebo expert lectures:
    • »Networked Automated Production - The quest for stability and security. An analysis of ICS traffic after production disruptions and network attacks« (German), Monday, April 24, 10 am, Forum Industrial Automation - Hall 14, booth L19, Dr. Frank Stummer (Business Development, Rhebo)
    • »The Secret Life of the Networked Factory - What's Really Happening in Your Manufacturing Plant and How It Can Both Help and Threaten« (English), Friday, April 28, 2:20 pm, Forum Industrial Automation - Hall 14, booth L19, Stefan Sebastian (Product & Strategy, Rhebo)


About Rhebo

Rhebo is a German technology company specializing in the reliability of industrial control systems by means of surveilling the entire data communication. Its founders, Klaus Mochalski (CEO), Martin Menschner (CTO) and Frank Stummer (Business Development), each have more than 10 years of experience in the development and marketing of network management and IT security technologies. Klaus Mochalski and Frank Stummer were previously founders in the management of IT security companies ipoque, and Adyton Systems, which together now have more than 150 employees. During the same period, Martin Menschner was the responsible CTO at Adyton Systems as well as project manager for ipoque in the areas of network security and deep packet inspection.



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