Rhebo achieves record year with extended industrial security portfolio

  • Rhebo announces 300 percent sales increase in 2018
  • Further significant increase in market share in 2019
  • The only independent German provider of an industrial network monitoring solution for manufacturing and critical infrastructure companies.

Leipzig, Germany, August 21, 2019 – Rhebo, the leading German provider of industrial security and industrial continuity, has concluded 2018 with a growth record and an increase in revenues of 300 percent. The market share in the DACH region increased to 30 percent in the same period. This development will be confirmed in 2019. By July of this year, Rhebo had already doubled its revenues compared to the previous year.

Rhebo considers this a confirmation of its strategy to extend the industrial security of networked industrial plants by the aspect of plant availability and operational continuity. For this purpose, the German company deliberately extended its solution for industrial network monitoring with anomaly detection, Rhebo Industrial Protector, to include functions that go beyond cybersecurity. Rhebo's solution thus not only detects hidden attacks by cyber criminals or malware activities in the industrial control systems of industrial as well as energy and water supply companies. Also technical error states, which can impair the network quality and thus the availability and process stability, are fully detected and reported. 

»2018 was a crucial year for us and our clients,«says Klaus Mochalski, co-founder and CEO of Rhebo. »With the addition of the Rhebo Industry 4.0 Stability and Security Audit and the Rhebo ReadyNow Managed Services to our portfolio, our clients in the automation and Critical Infrastructure industries can effectively secure their industrial control systems against attacks as well as increase their productivity. Our clients deliberately choose German technology to ensure compliance with European data protection as well as backdoor security. Our step towards container virtualization which greatly simplifies integration into existing industrial control systems, was also received positively throughout.«

Technology Leadership and Industry Expertise

Last year, the market for energy suppliers and grid operators in particular recognized the necessity of placing their security of supply on the reliable foundation of a defense-in-depth strategy. Today, 15 percent of Germany's electricity supply is protected by Rhebo Industrial Protector. The number of orders in 2018 has almost increased sixfold compared to previous years. Operators of critical infrastructure as well as industrial companies in the automotive, steel and process industries not only value the straightforward integration of the solution into the existing infrastructure. The short training phase as well as the fast visibility of the assets, communication structure and anomalies in the industrial control system are equally convincing. Rhebo Industrial Protector supports over 100 industry-specific protocols and their variations. Using innovative deep-packet inspection technology, the network monitoring solution also creates uncompromising real-time transparency at the device, system and communication levels. In addition to classic components of production IT and industrial control systems, IoT devices can also be network-monitored.

Rhebo has thus further expanded its leading role as a German manufacturer and dedicated expert in the field of industrial security and continuity in Europe.

Market Expansion and strong Partners

For 2020, Rhebo expects a further increase in the demand for a reliable solution for industrial cybersecurity and process stability. »The management of industrial control systems has become a business priority in companies. Following the opening of our branch in Switzerland, we are therefore planning to expand our activities to the European and neighboring markets,« says Klaus Mochalski. »To this end, we specifically enlarged our network last year in order to be able to address clients with competent partners more directly.« Strategic partnerships were formed for example with Corning, R-Tec, T-Mobile Multimedia Solutions and IABG, as well as with established industrial component manufacturers like INSYS icom, Bosch Rexroth and Cisco.

Bernd Arkenau, Investment Manager at eCAPITAL, confirms the market trend: »Industrial control systems are the nervous systems for Industry 4.x and trends such as Smart Grid. Without watertight protection of these infrastructures, security of supply and productivity are at stake. And Rhebo is the only German provider of an innovative, fully-fledged and market-established solution for industrial network monitoring with anomaly detection that reliably addresses the challenges posed by growing network complexity and increasing risk vectors.« eCAPITAL is one of Rhebo's main investors and has already contributed to two financing rounds. The fact that the investment fund is convinced of the high priority of industrial security and continuity is demonstrated not least by its launch of Germany's first cybersecurity fund. Together with cyber experts, experienced founders and a worldwide network, eCAPITAL is providing 50 million euros for cybersecurity growth companies in a cybersystem that is unique in Europe.

About Rhebo

Rhebo is the only company providing cybersecurity as well as stability for industrial control systems (ICS) in industrial and critical infrastructure companies. The German company’s solutions monitor all communication within the ICS, and reliably report attacks, vulnerabilities as well as technical error states. Thus, Rhebo supports operators of ICS to increase cybersecurity, productivity and availability of their systems and plants, and to safeguard the digital transformation of their processes. 

In this role, the company is actively involved in the Alliance for Cyber Security of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), the Teletrust - Bundesverband IT-Sicherheit e.V. and the Bitkom Security Management Working Group to develop standards and technical guidance.

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