Rhebo and Fraunhofer Institute Join Forces for AI powered Industrial Cybersecurity

Fraunhofer IOSB Rhebo
  • Rhebo and Fraunhofer IOSB develop Autonomous Industrial Cybersecurity Assistance System (AICAS) for industrial automation networks
  • Rhebo enables development of the AI solution with comprehensive expertise and real data from monitoring projects in industrial companies and critical infrastructures
  • AICAS is to advance the automation of industrial cybersecurity through artificial intelligence and machine learning

Leipzig / Karlsruhe, Germany, February 11, 2020 – Rhebo, Europe's leading provider of a combined ICS monitoring solution for industrial cybersecurity and stability, is launching a pioneering research project for the industrial security automation with the Fraunhofer Institute for Optronics, System Technologies and Image Exploitation (Fraunhofer IOSB).

In the research project Rhebo and Fraunhofer IOSB are developing an Autonomous Industrial Cybersecurity Assistance System (AICAS), an artificial intelligence and machine learning powered system facilitating the automated detection and defense of cyber attacks in industrial automation networks. In a first step, Rhebo provides an anonymised data set with real cyber attacks, which is used as input for the training of the AI solution.

Rhebo draws on its many years of experience and extensive databases from industrial projects. »The training data are empirical results from integration projects of our industrial control system monitoring solution Rhebo Industrial Protector in industrial and critical infrastructure companies«, explains Martin Menschner, CTO of Rhebo. »With the anonymous real data from a large number of projects, we are able to optimally map the diversity of particularly new attack and communication patterns, which can lead to disruptions in industrial processes. Without this comprehensive data, the AI solution from AICAS would be very error-prone.«

»The intelligence in AI stands and falls with the training data,« confirms Christian Haas, Group Manager at Fraunhofer IOSB. »How many AI initiatives have failed in the past because the training data was incomplete, incomprehensible or biased? We are therefore glad to have Rhebo as a partner for the AICAS project. With their expertise and comprehensive data sets on normal and anomalous communication behaviour in industrial networks, we have an optimal basis for training AI technology in a meaningful way.« The Autonomous Industrial Cybersecurity Assistance System will later be able to independently learn the structure and communication behaviour in the automation technology of industrial and critical infrastructure companies and dynamically identify new and unknown threats.

As part of the project, Rhebo and Fraunhofer IOSB will also develop evaluation metrics to enable standardized functional and robustness tests of intrusion detection systems.

Rhebo plans to integrate these capabilities into its Rhebo Industrial Protector ICS monitoring and anomaly detection solution once the project is completed. This will enable operators of industrial control systems to fully implement cybersecurity automation and to protect their infrastructures even better.

The AICAS project is scheduled to run for two years and is funded by the Innovation Authority in Israel and the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) 

About Rhebo

Rhebo is the only provider of industrial monitoring solutions to ensure both cybersecurity and stability of the ICS and IoT infrastructure in industrial, energy and water companies. The German company’s solutions monitor all communication within the ICS, and reliably report attacks, vulnerabilities as well as technical error states. Thus, Rhebo supports operators of ICS to increase cybersecurity, productivity and availability of their systems and plants, and to safeguard the digital transformation of their processes. 

In this role, the company is actively involved in the Alliance for Cyber Security of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), the Teletrust - Bundesverband IT-Sicherheit e.V. and the Bitkom Security Management Working Group to develop standards and technical guidance. 

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About Fraunhofer IOSB

The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is the leading organization for applied research in Europe. Its research activities are conducted by 72 institutes and research units at locations throughout Germany. One of these is Fraunhofer Institute for Optronics, System Technologies and Image Exploration IOSB, which has around 700 employees at sites in Karlsruhe, Ettlingen, Ilmenau, Lemgo, Görlitz and Beijing. Its research focuses on Smart Production, information management and multi-sensor systems that support people in perceiving and interacting with their environment. www.iosb.fraunhofer.de


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