Rhebo and innogy train energy providers for the worst-case scenario

Rhebo Cyberrange-e
  • Energy supplier innogy open first German training centre for cyber security of critical infrastructure companies
  • innogy CyberRange-e provides training under real conditions
  • Rhebo Industrial Protector supports real-time detection of threats as an integrated network monitoring tool

Essen/Leipzig, Germany, July 3, 2019 – This Monday the energy company innogy opened its cyber security academy CyberRange-e in Essen, Germany. Rhebo's solution Rhebo Industrial Protector will be centrally integrated in the first German training centre of its kind as an industrial network monitoring system with anomaly detection. In the ultra-modern academy, operators of critical infrastructure companies learn to quickly identify threats, initiate appropriate security and defense measures and effectively deal with a cyber attack. With the CyberRange-e, innogy provides the appropriate answer to the aggravating threat situation. The company not only wants to improve the skills of its own employees, but also provides training for employees of municipal utilities and other network operators.

Visibility and understanding are the key to security

»In the CyberRange-e, our trainees and their infrastructure are exposed to cyber attacks that are very likely and hard to avert,« explains Alexander Harsch, project manager of the CyberRange-e, the training centre's approach. Cyber experts from innogy, known as Team Red, would carry out targeted attacks on the true-to-life model industrial control system. The trainees then have to fight the attacks off successfully. »A successful defence of the infrastructure against our Team Red only becomes possible if the training energy supply company has its infrastructure firmly under control. Among other things, the trainees must quickly identify anomalies in systems and networks so that far-reaching consequences can be averted at an early stage. This requires the use of appropriate security tools«.

For this task, Rhebo Industrial Protector was integrated into the industrial control system. The German industrial network monitoring solution not only allows complete real-time visibility of all systems, applications and their properties in the industrial control system. »Rhebo Industrial Protector also monitors all communications, analyzes them using deep-packet inspection technology and reports any event that could jeopardize the security of the industrial control system. This real-time reporting is independent of known attack signatures,« says Klaus Mochalski, Managing Director of Rhebo, explaining the advantage of integrated network monitoring with anomaly detection. In this way, even professional, new types of attacks or attacks utilizing unknown vulnerabilities can be identified at once.

Fighting off professional hackers

»We have decided to use Rhebo for this purpose, as this solution is suitable for use in our own facilities,« says Alexander Harsch, explaining the integration of Rhebo. innogy SE itself supplies over 22 million customers with electricity and gas and is increasingly active in the field of renewable energies. »Trainees who do not use a SIEM or Network Intelligence tool in their own infrastructure can choose to use network monitoring in their training. If desired, they can also get first experience with tools of this type after being trained by our team and verify the added value in a simulated emergency.«

In the future, up to twelve network and IT specialists will practice on 450 square meters in one-week training sessions under real conditions. The training centre therefore also includes real industrial control systems, a control room, several transformer stations and the corresponding IT infrastructure. The special feature: trainees have to compete against real hackers. The difficulty levels and application scenarios are based on the needs and abilities of the trainees. This ensures that the qualification of the trainees proceeds step by step and sustainably.

Interested parties can find out more about the CyberRange-e at https://iam.innogy.com/cyberrange-e.


About Rhebo

Rhebo is a German company that specializes in the reliability and resilience of industrial and critical infrastructure companies. With its solutions and services, Rhebo monitors all data communication within industrial control systems (ICS), and reliably reports attacks, vulnerabilities as well as technical error states. Thus, Rhebo supports operators of ICS to increase cyber security, productivity and availability of their systems and plants, and to safeguard the digital transformation of their processes.

In this role, the company is actively involved in the Alliance for Cyber Security of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), the Teletrust - Bundesverband IT-Sicherheit e.V. and the Bitkom Security Management Working Group to develop standards and technical guidance. https://rhebo.com

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About innogy SE

innogy SE is a leading German energy company with a turnover of around 37 billion euros (2018) and around 43,000 employees. With its three divisions Renewable Energies, Grid & Infrastructure and Sales innogy addresses the requirements of a modern decarbonised, decentralized and digital energy world. Our approximately 22 million customers are at the heart of innogy's activities. We want to offer them innovative and sustainable products and services with which they can use energy more efficiently and improve their quality of life. The most important markets are Germany, Great Britain, the Netherlands and Belgium as well as some countries in Central Eastern and South Eastern Europe, in particular the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland. With a total capacity of 4.0 gigawatts, innogy also generates electricity from renewable energies outside these regions, e. g. in Spain, Italy and the USA. As an innovation leader in future-oriented topics such as eMobility, we are represented at international technology hotspots such as Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv and Berlin. We combine the broad know-how of our energy technicians and engineers with digital technology partners - from start-ups to large corporations. https://iam.innogy.com/


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