Rhebo IoT Device Protection Globally Secures IoT Networks Against Cyberattacks

Sonnen Rhebo IoT Press Release
  • Rhebo IoT Device Protection secures connected IoT devices in large-scale IoT networks
  • Local anomaly detection and security automation ensure global fleet protection
  • Project with energy storage vendor sonnen GmbH increases global cyber security for decentralised energy supply

Leipzig / Germany, June 4, 2020 – The independent German solution provider for industrial IT security Rhebo is expanding its product portfolio with a dedicated system for IoT device security. Rhebo IoT Device Protection secures connected IoT devices that are system relevant to plant availability and process stability. Rhebo's technical answer to the challenges of a globally connected industry is aimed primarily at manufacturers of critical IoT devices and operators of IoT networks. »Rhebo IoT Device Protection is specifically designed for critical, connected IoT devices that are typically managed and operated through a cloud based platform«, Rhebo CEO Klaus Mochalski explains.

In a global-scale project, the solution has already been integrated on all energy storage systems of the company sonnen. sonnen is one of the world's leading producers of intelligent electricity storage systems and a pioneer in technologies for a clean, decentralised and connected energy system. 

Since 2014, Rhebo provides a dedicated ICS monitoring solution with anomaly detection to ensure OT security and stability of industrial and critical infrastructures. The comprehensive know-how is also integrated in Rhebo IoT Device Protection, but extends the monitoring capabilities from the network to the IoT endpoint device. »Critical IoT devices are usually connected and distributed over long distances«, Klaus Mochalski highlights the challenges for IoT platform operators. »So global fleet protection must be ensured locally. The focus of our IoT security system is therefore on local monitoring, analysis and automated threat mitigation. Furthermore, neither the bandwidth nor the individual devices must be overloaded with new functions. This is why a minimally invasive approach is at the core of the Rhebo IoT Device Protection design.« The latter enables IoT device vendors and IoT platform operators to quickly and easily implement a security upgrade of their IoT infrastructure, even in brownfield projects.

Global Security of sonnen Energy Storage Systems

Rhebo IoT Device Protection has already been in operation at the leading German energy storage system manufacturer sonnen since the end of 2019. The security solution for critical IoT networks protects the globally distributed energy storage systems against cyberattacks and reports technical error conditions in real-time.

»The cybersecurity of our energy storage systems provides safety for our customers worldwide«, Daniel Ackermann, leader of the sonnen Software Development team and pilot project, confirms. »Our energy storage systems have very specific communication patterns. When selecting the solution, it was therefore particularly important to us that monitoring and security automation are specifically tailored to our devices and can be expanded at any time. Because both our technology and the threat landscape are constantly evolving.«

Cost-efficient IoT Endpoint Detection & Response

Rhebo IoT Device Protection provides monitoring, analysis and threat mitigation mechanisms specifically tailored to critical IoT infrastructures. Manufacturers of IoT devices and operators of IoT networks benefit from the new solution for IoT cybersecurity from:

Intelligent threat detection and mitigation: The behavioural analysis and anomaly detection specifically tailored to critical IoT networks analyses the IoT devices’ communication using Deep Packet Inspection technology. This ensures the mitigation of cyberattacks and malware in real-time.

Automated IoT device and fleet protection: Monitoring, analysis and response work fully automated on the remote IoT devices. The security policies can be flexibly customized to the operational requirements and IoT devices.

Instant visibility of risk exposure: The real-time visualisation of risk exposure and security levels of all IoT devices in the infrastructure gives operators a comprehensive picture of security and availability – from the entire fleet to the individual device. 

Reduction of downtime costs: Real-time anomaly detection and reporting enables operators and vendors to proactively plan maintenance cycles and correct malfunctions before customers become aware of them.

Cost-efficient security upgrade: The minimally invasive integration approach and low consumption of CPU capacity allows a cost-efficient security upgrade of networked IoT devices worldwide.

Easy deployment: The platform- and device-agnostic software architecture simplifies integration into both greenfield- and brownfield IoT projects.

Find additional information on Rhebo IoT Device Protection on rhebo.com.

About Rhebo

Rhebo is the only vendor-independent provider of industrial monitoring solutions ensuring both cybersecurity and stability of ICS and IoT infrastructures. The German company’s solutions monitor all communication within the ICS and on distributed critical IoT devices. Any attacks, vulnerabilities as well as technical error states are reported in real-time. Thus, Rhebo vendor-neutrally supports  industrial, energy and water companies to increase cybersecurity, productivity and availability of their systems and plants to safeguard their digital transformation. 

In this role, the company is partner of the Alliance for Cyber Security of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), is actively developing standards and technical guidance in the Teletrust - Bundesverband IT-Sicherheit e.V. and the Bitkom Security Management Working Group. 

About sonnen

The sonnen Group is one of the world's leading manufacturers of intelligent electricity storage systems and a pioneer in technologies for a clean, decentralised and connected energy system. As one of the fastest growing technology companies in Germany and Europe, sonnen has already received numerous international awards. With its virtual battery, which consists of digitally connected home storage systems, sonnen offers new and highly innovative energy services for network operators and private households. sonnen is represented with its products in numerous countries and maintains its own locations in Germany, Italy, UK, Australia and the USA. Since March 2019 sonnen has been a wholly owned subsidiary of Shell and is part of the Shell New Energies business unit.

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