Survey: »Security of Industrial Control Systems«

Rhebo invites all operators of Industrial Control Systems (ICS) in industrial companies and critical infrastructure to investigate the state of network security in their company.

In addition to the threat to cyber security, the study also focuses on process stability, plant availability and compliance. For critical infrastructure, these focal points reflect the requirements of the current BDEW white paper "Requirements for secure control and telecommunications systems" (energy companies) and the "Water/Wastewater Security Standard (B3S)" of the BSI (water companies). In industry, the IEC 62443 standard "Industrial Communication Networks - IT Security for Networks and Systems" is regarded as the framework for network management.


The surveys, divided into Industry and critical infrastructure, address the core aspects of standards and highlight the most pressing challenges facing control systems in 11 short questions each:

  • cyber security
  • monitoring
  • data protection
  • compliance (critical infrastructure)
  • prevention of blackouts (critical infrastructure)
  • overall equipment effectiveness OEE (Industry 4.0)
  • continuous improvement process (Industry 4.0).


All participating companies:

  • receive the final report in advance of publication,
  • receive a brief evaluation of the "readiness" of their own network and a comparison with the field of participants,
  • can win an exclusive expert session with Rhebo experts on the status of their own network.

The study will run until October 31, 2018. The final report is expected to be published in November 2018. The study is open to all ICS and control system operators.