Teletrust Workshop: »Industrial Security in Automation Practice« | October 4, Augsburg, Germany

Even before Industry 4.0 was proclaimed a new paradigm, the topic of IT security was on the agenda of manufacturing companies. However, complexity will increase massively due to networked production and the Internet of Things, which in turn means new concepts for the security of systems and IT infrastructures. How important the topic of «IT security» already is for industrial practice today is highlighted by experts from a wide variety of perspectives. The participants receive an overview of the current developments in the field of research for industrial security, of the challenges facing industrial companies and of current approaches to solutions.

  • Rhebo Lecture: »Practical experience: How to quickly identifying hazards in industrial control systems and increasing productivity«, Speaker: Dr. Frank Stummer, Business Development Rhebo, October 4 - 2:30pm 
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