SPS IPC Drives live – Transparency, Availability and Security in Industry 4.0

, Nürnberg/Leipzig
  • As part of the SPS IPC Drives 2017 Trade Fair, Rhebo presented its case study on anomaly detection in the automated production of a leading car manufacturer at an exclusive press conference
  • IT market analysts Gartner Inc. confirm Rhebo as Top 30 supplier in the »Market Guide for Operational Technology Security 2017«
  • Self-learning anomaly detection is an important component of a future-proof IT security concept in Industry0 and IIoT

Nuremberg / Leipzig, Germany, November 29, 2017 – As part of Europe's leading trade fair for automation industry, technology company Rhebo presented its innovative monitoring solutions for Industry 4.0 at an exclusive press conference. Focus of the presentation was the convergence of automated manufacturing and IT into an integrated system as well as the challenges for productivity, plant availability and cyber security associated with this development.

In response to these challenges, Rhebo presented its award-winning security and monitoring solution Rhebo Industrial Protector and the Rhebo Industry 4.0 Stability and Security Audit (RISSA) – a service provided by the company. Both products ensure the digital transparency of industrial control systems and the real-time detection of anomalies that can potentially lead to disruptions of production. Most recently, Rhebo was the only German supplier of a self-learning industrial anomaly detection to be included in the top 30 of the renowned Gartner »Market Guide for Operational Technology Security 201.

During the press conference, Rhebo substantiated the superior functionality of its anomaly detection with results from a pilot study. In 2017 Rhebo had installed its Rhebo Industrial Protector in a networked production cell of a leading German car manufacturer. In the first step of an initial network analysis via RISSA, existing misconfigurations and threats were detected and remedied. Under operating conditions, further cyber security incidents and network problems were identified and eliminated in real-time. The car manufacturer gained complete digital transparency in its production area through Rhebo Industrial Protector and increased its plant availability.

»Efficiency in automated production is not just a matter of faster process automation or the introduction of new robotics«, Klaus Mochalski, CEO of Rhebo, explains the emerging urgency of the topic. »Networked productions also face huge challenges in the field of managing its ICS. The growing complexity and increased openness of the ICS makes production plants more susceptible to disturbances and failures. Companies in the field of automated production therefore need an intelligent, comprehensive and at the same time lean monitoring system. This is the only way to create digital transparency, report all potential errors and threats, and classify them according to the risk of productivity loss. Our solution allows companies to effectively implement the convergence of their Operational Technology and their enterprise IT«.

 With three expert lectures on anomaly detection, digital strategies in networked productions and cyber security as well as an own booth, Rhebo presented itself as a pioneer and expert in the field of industrial security and network monitoring on the 2017 SPS.


About Rhebo

Rhebo is a German technology company that specializes in ensuring the operational reliability of industrial control systems by monitoring control communications. Rhebo provides hardware, software and services to secure networked industrial control systems and Critical Infrastructures as well as to increase productivity.

Rhebo is listed as one of the 30 top providers for industrial security in Gartner’s »Market Guide for Operational Technology Security 2017«. The company is member of Teletrust – IT Security Association Germany.

Its founders, Klaus Mochalski (CEO), Martin Menschner (CTO) and Dr. Frank Stummer (Business Development), each have more than 10 years of experience in the development and marketing of network management and IT security technologies.


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