Webcast: »Complete and effective implementation of BSI reporting with anomaly detection« | February 21, April 4 - 2 pm


For Critical Infrastructure Operators, the obligation to report does not only mean an organizational effort. The requirements for speed, completeness and the reporting of »possible considerable impairments« also call for an improved monitoring system for network control technology. This system must be able to detect and document incidents without gaps and in real time that could impair the functionality of the infrastructure - even if there has not yet been a failure. In reality, this means that the control system can no longer be managed as a black box that is only secured at the borders. This is because modern multi-stage cyber attacks as well as technical error states take place inside the control system.

In this practice-oriented webcast you will learn:

  • why you should perceive the reporting obligation as an opportunity for the sustainable control of your network control technology,
  • what the reporting requirements mean for your network security management,
  • how to reduce the effort of the reporting obligation by an intelligent monitoring concept,
  • how you can use an anomaly detection to answer the questions on the registration form completely and meaningfully.