Webcast: »Integrated Cyber Security in Control Networks« | June 19/25

Webcast INSYS icom Rhebo Cyber Security


The digitalization of critical infrastructure and industrial companies creates the possibility to design plants and processes even more efficiently through the analysis of IIoT data. At the same time, control networks and network control technology require a special degree of cyber security and stability assurance. Both aspects must be integrated into the infrastructures as lean and effective as possible in order to meet the requirements of the plant engineers as well as the IT department.

Rhebo and INSYS icom, the German manufacturer of industrial network components, have set themselves this goal. With its smart, fully modular industrial router platform, INSYS icom offers comprehensive capacities for the acquisition and processing of (I)IoT data. At the same time, the focus lays on cyber security.

Since this year, the security concept of INSYS icom has been extended to include Rhebo's industrial network monitoring and Defense-in-Depth. For this purpose, Rhebo Industrial Inspector was integrated as a virtual machine and strengthens the availability of the control networks by means of anomaly detection. In two joint webcasts by Rhebo and INSYS icom, you can now experience the interaction of the two components hands-on.

In the practice-oriented webcast you will learn:

  • Details on the topics network monitoring and anomaly detection in the context of the overall security concept (Defence-In-Depth)
  • practical examples from the areas of cyber security, technical error states and network condition monitoring