Webcast: »IT Security Act 2.0 - Security and Availability in Industrial Control Systems« | Thursday, Feb 27

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Energy providers and grid operators increasingly come under pressure. In 2017 the blackout in the Ukraine caused by the malware Industroyer is said to just having been a test, a proof-of-concept. Since then Dragonfly 2.0 and latest the hacker group APT33 have shown that they have the means and stamina to penetrate energy companies' networks. Operators and security officers face two questions which are generally at odds with each other: Which system guarantees the highest possible security? Which system can be integrated both non-disruptive and (cost) efficiently into the existing infrastructure?

Since the beginning of 2019, INSYS icom and Rhebo offer an integrative solution for security monitoring of industrial control systems. Users of the high-performance industrial routers from INSYS icom can integrate the industrial anomaly detection Rhebo Industrial Protector directly on their devices - and thus establish a comprehensive security and performance monitoring without disrupting their infrastructure. The renowned high-performance data connection and processing of INSYS icom meets defense-in-depth and seamless ICS security monitoring with anomaly detection by Rhebo.

INSYS icom and Rhebo cordially invite you to explore the integrative solution of INSYS icom gateways and Rhebo network monitoring in a joint webcast. Kristian Haizmann (INSYS icom) and Dr. Frank Stummer (Rhebo) will explain in about 30 minutes:

  • why classical intrusion detection systems have long since reached its limits in modern cyber warfare;
  • how you can protect yourself against new types of attacks with network monitoring with anomaly detection;
  • with which functions on INSYS icom industrial routers you can further optimise the performance of your industrial control system;
  • how easy it is to integrate comprehensive cyber security and smooth control and data processing in your existing infrastructure.