Webinar: »The Black Box of Networked Production - How Hidden Anomalies Threaten Productivity«| October 25, 2018, 2pm


Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is a critical indicator of the efficiency of automated manufacturing equipment. Even small fluctuations can influence the annual financial statements. In highly networked production plants, OEE has long been influenced by cyber-safety incidents and technical faults in control technology (Industrial Control System, ICS). The effect: cost-intensive downtimes, efficiency losses and increased scrap rates. The majority of unplanned downtimes can be avoided with an anomaly detection.

In our practice-oriented webinar you will learn concretely:

  • how networked Industrial Control Systems influence productivity and GAE,
  • which requirements the IEC 62443 standard places on the detection of technical faults in ICS,
  • which technical error states are regularly overlooked in ICS (case studies),
  • how efficiency losses and downtimes can be reduced by industrial anomaly detection.