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Whitepaper »360° Cybersecurity in IEC 61850 Infrastructures«

This white paper summarizes the benefits of the IEC 61850 standard and outlines the threats and specific attack vectors in IEC 61850 infrastructures. It concludes by presenting a solution approach that uses the tools offered by the IEC 61850 standard and eliminates existing security vulnerabilities.

You learn:

  • which risks and specific attack vectors IEC 61850 infrastructures are exposed to;
  • why classic security mechanisms are not effective;
  • how to implement a Defense-in-Depth concept that meets the requirements national IT regulation and standards;
  • how you can secure your IEC 61850 infrastructure by implementing a comprehensive yet easy-to-integrate OT monitoring with anomaly detection that utilizes the whitelisting capabilities provided by the IEC 61850 standard tools and files.

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