Whitepaper »BDEW/OE-Whitepaper in Practice«

The »Austrian Programme for Critical Infrastructure Protection« (APCIP) obligates operators of essential services and critical infrastructure to set up a comprehensive operational security architecture, as is the case in Germany with the IT security catalogue. These aspects of a security concept are translated into detailed technical requirements in the BDEW-/ OE-Whitepaper.

Industrial anomaly detection actively supports operators of critical infrastructures in implementing these requirements. In particular, this whitepaper answers the core aspects of network transparency, risk detection and assessment as well as avoidance of network disturbances due to cyber attacks and error states.

You'll learn how to:

  • identify any incidents in the network control technology or in the control system,
  • Detect near misses,
  • assess the significance of incidents and
  • Document incidents in detail.

Available in German only.

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