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Critical Infrastructures

»Seamless monitoring of control and actuation systems – Fulfilling reporting obligations«

100% Digital transparency for maximum cybersecurity

The Rhebo Industrial Protector dynamically learns all the allowed operations in your network and uses Deep Packet Inspection to detect unauthorized events. To achieve this, the communications within your control and actuation systems—including switchgear technology, remote-control technology and network-control technology—are monitored fully and with no interference. Self-teaching anomaly detection in combination with comprehensive Profinet monitoring and diagnostic tools allows for early detection and rectification of unauthorized access, hidden cyberattacks and network problems.

Graphic: Process Rhebo Industrial Protector Critical Infrastructures

Protection against cyber attacks

Critical infrastructures such as power plants and waterworks, telecommunications systems, refineries, airports and banks are a particular focus of IT security. The aims of attackers are the disruption of availability and the greatest possible damage to society. Cyberattacks such as Stuxnet and Duqu and the problems currently being experienced by Ukrainian energy supply companies underline the particular importance of these networks. For this reason, critical infrastructures require seamless network monitoring using intelligent security solutions. System collapses, blackouts and data theft cannot be allowed to happen.

Fulfilment of reporting obligations

Operators of critical infrastructures require seamless monitoring of their control networks in order to fulfill the new reporting obligations. Even near-misses must be fully reported to the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). Cyberattacks and sabotage are not the only issues to consider in the context of disturbances to control networks. The increasing networking of control networks as part of the IIoT and Production 4.0 is leading to new risks with regard to network stability, control network configuration and communications control. Additionally, there is also the potential risk of negligent behavior by employees. Continuous network condition monitoring is necessary in order to meet these challenges. This monitoring must understand and analyze the communications flows and structures in the control network in a comprehensive manner. Only in this way can operators of critical infrastructures obtain a fully transparent overview of their control network, implement preventive protection against dangers, and rectify any disturbances that have occurred in a targeted manner.

Rhebo Industrial Protector

  • Anomaly detection

    • Analysis of networked control communications in real time
  • Prioritization

    • Prioritization of reports by the user
    • Extremely simplified working procedures, feasibility of control, minimum workload, maximum efficiency
  • PCAP - Packet Capture

    • Recording of data that led to a message
    • Provides data for forensic analysis
  • Forensic analysis

    • Information about points of vulnerability and the causes of operational disturbances; complete reconstruction of events for the rectification of possible “loopholes” and weaknesses; feasibility of archiving to meet reporting obligations
  • Recommendations for action

    • Recommendations for action to protect against damage
  • Made in Germany

Rhebo Industrial Protector

Rhebo Industry 4.0 Stability and Security Audit