Protect your ICS Against Cyber Attacks & Disruptions

Rhebo Industrial Protector reliably secures ICS against breakdowns caused by malware, technical errors and manipulation.


Thanks to innovative deep packet inspection technology, all communication within the network is analyzed and evaluated down to content level. You get real-time notifications of suspicious communication as well as all details for forensic analysis.

  • Monitor Industrial Communication

    Gain complete transparency about the communication processes in your ICS at any time.

  • Fight Cyber Attacks

    Identify unknown attack patterns in real-time and stop incidents right away.

  • Increase Availability and Productivity

    Mitigate technical error states and optimize ICS efficiency.

Simple Integration as Hardware and Virtual Machine



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How Rhebo Industrial Protector Supports your Performance

Early threat detection and defense | Accelerated recovery | Increased efficiency

Rhebo Supports the Leading Vendors

  • Solution brief for IIoT


    Fight off cyber attacks and increase process stability in industrial environments.


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  • Solution brief for Energy & Water


    Fight off cyber attacks and ensure compliance in critical infrastructure companies.


    Download solution brief

  • Specifications


    Technical specifications for Rhebo Industrial Protector.


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