Threat Detection & Network Condition Monitoring For Industrial Environments

Rhebo Industrial Protector reliably protects operational technology against disruption by cyber attacks, malware, technical error states and manipulation.

Rhebo Industrial Protector uses innovative deep packet inspection technology to analyze and evaluate any communication within the network boundaries down to the content level. Network operators are informed about any suspicious communication in real-time and all details are made available for forensic analysis - even for novel threats such as zero-day vulnerabilities.

  • Asset Discovery & Inventory

    Immediate and complete visibility from the network to single devices with all relevant properties.

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  • Anomaly & Threat Detection

    Real-time reporting and documentation of cyber attacks, espionage attempts and malware.

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  • Continuous Risk Assessment

    Threat intelligence about risks and measures through behavioral analysis and identification of hidden vulnerabilities.

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  • Network Condition Monitoring

    Increased system and plant availability through real-time detection of technical error states and misconfigurations.

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  • Embedded Cyber Security & Stability

    Support of common hardware and virtualization platforms to ensure easy integration in existing infrastructures.

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  • Regulatory Compliance

    Support of effective implementation of an ISMS and threat detection framework.


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I used to have to work my way through our system for at least an hour a day. With Rhebo Industrial Protector it now only takes 5 minutes.
Head of IT Security at a German power grid operator

Industrial Companies Save Up to US$ 23m With Rhebo ICS Monitoring

Prevent total breakdown | Reduce unplanned downtime | Accelerate recovery
Rhebo Industrial Protector Use Cases

* Companies spend an average of 87 hours a year on unplanned downtime (Gartner). These cost around US$ 260,000 per hour (Aberdeen Research). In the pharmaceutical and automotive industries, costs range from US$500,000 to over US$1.3 million per hour. According to a GE study, the reasons for unplanned downtime of information technology infrastructure can be divided into 45% hardware failure and 39% software failure. Triggers include capacity overruns (30%), human error (19%) and security breaches (14%).

  • Solution brief for Industry


    Fight off cyber attacks and increase process stability in industrial environments.


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  • Solution brief for Energy & Water


    Fight off cyber attacks and ensure compliance in critical infrastructure companies.


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  • Specifications


    Technical specifications for Rhebo Industrial Protector.


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Easy Integration of the Network Monitoring in Your ICS

via network tap, mirror port or embedded software / app solution


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