Rhebo Industry 4.0 Stability and Security Audit

Disruption-Free ICS in 2 Weeks Time
  • Identify all devices and communications in your ICS

  • Mitigate network errors and cybersecurity risk

  • Reduce downtimes and increase productivity

Blind on one Eye

Challenges for Industrial Network Operators

The Industrial Control System (ICS) is the nervous system of any automated manufacturing and critical infrastructure. Even the smallest malfunctions in the often several thousand components can lead to downtimes and failures.

Still, according to Forrester Consulting analysts (2017), only 18% of those responsible in large companies know what is happening in their networks.

Cyber attacks and technical errors that endanger productivity often remain undetected for a long time. The reason? Transparency is lacking.

Shed Light into the Darkness of ICS

We enable you: Rhebo – Industry 4.0 Stability- and Security Audit
Graphic: Goals of Rhebo Industrial Protector


Within 2 weeks the Rhebo – Industry 4.0 Stability and Security Audit gives you clarification about the processes in your ICS. Using the industrial anomaly detection Rhebo Industrial Protector, we analyze all network participants, devices and their communication behavior. Security vulnerabilities, unusual network behavior and error states are fully detected and analyzed.


You receive a comprehensive report in which all audit results are described in detail with prioritized recommendations for action.


In a concluding workshop, we will discuss the results with you and develop an action plan. You retain decision-making and implementation authority over your network at all times.


Secure your ICS against Downtimes!

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7 Steps to a Stable and Secure ICS

Increasing Productivity and Security

  • Network Transparency

    You gain a complete overview of all components and communication processes in your ICS.

  • Anomaly Detection

    You learn which anomalies are present in your network and what their causes are.

  • Network Quality

    You get an assessment of network quality and details on how it affects the continuity of your processes.

  • Reduce Downtimes

    You get detailed recommendations to correct malfunction conditions and to increase the availability of your ICS.

  • Increase Cybersecurity

    You get prioritized recommendations for action to close security gaps.

  • Build Trust

Gain transparency in your ICS