RISSA - Rhebo Industry 4.0 Stability and Security Audit

Complete Stability and Security Analysis

RISSA – Rhebo Industry 4.0 Stability and Security Audit provides a fast and thorough stability and security analysis of your industrial control networks using the Rhebo Industrial Protector. The identification of all network device nodes and users, along with their communication patterns provides complete digital transparency for production plants and critical infrastructure.

Workshop resulting in scorecard and prioritized actions

The audit concludes with a workshop where all findings are discussed and evaluated using the RISSA scorecard system. Documented prioritized actions in each scorecard area help with the resolution of stability and cybersecurity issues and allow for a measured implementation of remediation, quality improvements, and continuous improvement plans.

Workshop and Report

  • Details of the infrastructure

    Details of the infrastructure including a list of all network subscribers and communications

  • Anomaly detection

    Summary of anomalies found during the audit period

  • Insights into network quality

    Detailed insights into network quality specific to the requirements of an ICS and/or manufacturing process network (including real-time behavior, utilization, stability)

  • Improvement

    Recommendations for continuous improvement measures of stability and cybersecurity issues

  • Recommended actions

    Prioritized scorecard of recommended actions for closing security gaps and correcting misconfigurations

  • Made in Germany

Audit Benefits

Graphic: Goals of Rhebo Industrial Protector
  • Digital transparency through complete asset identification including communication pattern and content of industrial protocol communications;
  • Significant and measurable increase in plant availability;
  • Substantial increase in industrial cybersecurity readiness;
  • Increased insight and awareness of industrial network operation and security;
  • Easy extension of monitoring capabilities for continuous stability improvement and security programs;
  • 2-week period complete monitoring time with little/no client effort

Procedure and Scope

What to expect

  • Tightly aligned with the needs and knowledge of the customer. Detailed discussion of the results in the joint workshop with the following report.
  • Many years of combined industry experience in monitoring and anomaly detection in industrial control and IT networks and progressive IIoT applications deploying globally today.
  • Passive and nonreactive network monitoring: There is zero risk of damage or disruption for the existing infrastructure. Plant operation continues uninterrupted.
  • Rhebo Industrial Protector is specifically designed for use in industrial control networks and identifies and decodes all current industrial control protocols.
  • Rhebo Industrial Protector is completely developed in Germany and carries the »IT Security made in Germany« TeleTrust e.V. seal.
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Rhebo Industry 4.0 Stability and Security Audit