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OT Cyber Risk Analysis & Vulnerability Analysis

Step 1: Identify and close vulnerabilities and risks in your OT with the Rhebo OT Security Audit.

Cybersecurity starts with visibility.

Cybersecurity starts with visibility and risk awareness. With the Rhebo OT Risk Analysis and Vulnerability Assessment, you gain knowledge and the ability to act on vulnerabilities, security gaps and error conditions in your Operational Technology (OT) in the shortest possible time.

What You Get…

  • In-depth risk visibility

    … through the identification of all devices and systems within the OT including their properties, firmware versions, protocols, connections and communication behavior (Asset Discovery & Inventory)

  • Closed security gaps

    … through the identification of current risk exposure, existing CVE vulnerabilities, security gaps and technical error states

  • Direct actionability

    … through the in-depth analysis of identified risks as well as discussion of appropriate mitigation measures in the audit report and workshop

  • Uncompromising security checks

    … through the assessment of existing security measures and validation of network security during optional penetration testing

How the Rhebo OT Risk and Vulnerability Audit Works

Definition of scope and implementation 

We analyze the OT architecture and the interfaces to enterprise IT or external networks. We then identify suitable data capture points for OT monitoring and coordinate them with you.



Communication monitoring

The Rhebo OT monitoring system records the communication of your OT over a short period of time. The installation takes less than an hour. The monitoring is passive, non-intrusive and resource-efficient. Industrial processes are not affected during the monitoring.



Risk and vulnerability analysis

We document and visualize all devices and systems active in your OT and remote access points (OT & IIoT Asset Discovery), and analyze their characteristics and communication patterns for existing risks (OT & IIoT Risk Analysis).



Report and recommendations for mitigation

We send you a comprehensive report detailing all audit results with prioritized recommendations for action. In a final workshop, we discuss the results together with you and develop a tangible action plan.

What Our Customers Say

With the audit, we were able to review our existing heterogeneous systems in detail, and identify and verify vulnerabilities in the ICS.
Head of Industrial Control at German grid operator EWR Netz GmbH
We were impressed by the smooth process. The direct development of effective measures optimally prepared us for future cyber security risks.
Team Leader IT-Systems and Applications at German water company Leipziger Wasserwerke
Water Sewage Cyber Security


  • Solution Brief


    Solution brief for the Rhebo OT Risk and Vulnerability Analysis


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  • Sample report


    Sample report of a Rhebo OT Risk and Vulnerability Analysis.


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  • Customer Success Story


    Results of Rhebo OT Risk and Vulnerability Analysis at EWR Netze.


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