Commanding Industrial Control Systems

Managing complexity and risk

Modern, data-driven industrial control systems (ICS) in industry 4.0 are characterized by strong networking, flexibility and high complexity. In many cases, there are several hundred to thousand of devices with an intransparent number of communication relationships in an ICS. Professional cyber attacks and technical errors are increasingly threatening productivity and security of supply.

This makes it all the more urgent and difficult for operators to manage their ICS comprehensively and efficiently.

Strengthen Cybersecurity and Productivity

Rhebo Industrial Protector is the passive, non-intrusive anomaly detection system for comprehensively monitoring communication within ICS. The solution was developed specifically for environments which work with industrial protocols like EtherCAT, Profinet or IEC-104, and supports specific functions such as deterministic communication models, data integration for continuous improvement and automation as well as prioritization of remediate actions.

Rhebo Industrial Protector continuously analyzes the communication in the ICS and evaluates it for anomalies. Both security-relevant incidents and technical error conditions are reliably recorded, evaluated and reported in real-time - no matter if they were previously known or yet unidentified.

Operators of automated manufacturing or critical infrastructure get a complete overview of their ICS at all time and can react immediately to anomalies before the system is affected.

Prevent downtimes, minimize recovery time

Benefits with Rhebo Industrial Protector

  • Detailed ICS visibility

    Continuous visualization of all devices, connections and communication flows in the ICS as well as their respective properties.

  • Real-time anomaly detection

    Reporting of all security-related and technical anomalies in real-time, distincted in first-time and recurrent events.

  • Prioritization of remediate actions

    Immediate risk assessment through risk score and specification of each anomaly as security or network quality incident.

  • Reduction of recovery time

    Detailed forensic analysis and remedy assessment through storage of all incident details including a copy of the raw data as PCAP.

  • Holistic monitoring strategy

    Easy integration of network visibility into existing backend systems through universal interfaces and automatable transfer rules.

  • Built trust

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