Fault-free and uninterrupted network operation in industrial control systems — at all times and in real time

Rhebo Industrial Protector ensures seamless monitoring of all communication flows in machine-to-machine communications in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) environments. All data traffic is analyzed at the content and metadata levels. Undesired changes due to hacker attacks, unauthorized access or network errors, for example, are reported in real time and risks that arise in the context of Industry 4.0 are counteracted.

Industry 4.0 revolutionizes production technology

Graphic: Merger of IT and OT to IIOT

The degree of networking of industrial control systems is increasing all the time. The coming together of production IT (OT) and office IT is facilitating better production control and more efficient processes. At the same time, however, this development is increasing complexity and vulnerability to cyber crime and industrial espionage. If an outage or losses of data occur, the consequences are considerably more dramatic and expensive than in the case of stand-alone systems.

Source: »Sprinting to Value in Industry 4.0«. Study of BCG Perspectives, 12/2016.
Source: »Sprinting to Value in Industry 4.0«. Study of BCG Perspectives, 12/2016.

Cyber-transparency and cybersecurity together for increased productivity

Graphic: Goals of Rhebo Industrial Protector
  • Rhebo protects your production against downtimes caused by:
    • Entry of viruses and malware
    • External hacker attacks
    • Misconfigurations
    • Malfunctioning of individual components
    • Overloading of the network
    • Communications outages
    • Unknown data access or configuration actions from within the company
    • Unknown communication flows between devices
  • Complete transparency of your control communications
  • Reduction in downtimes and avoidance of downtime costs
  • Safeguarding production against cyberattacks and industrial espionage

Rhebo Industrial Protector’s key principles

  • Easy to integrate

    The Industrial Protector is integrated into the existing control network using simple port mirroring or network taps. Connection to existing monitoring systems is unproblematic. The amount of configuration work involved for you is minimal.

  • Intelligent learning algorithms

    The Industrial Protector dynamically learns the allowed communication patterns within your ICS within a few minutes using machine learning. The resulting authorization matrix serves as the basis for seamless fault detection in your control network.

  • Complete cybersecurity strategy

    The Industrial Protector reduces the risks associated with Industry 4.0. To achieve this, our technology analyzes the data traffic in your network in real time. Unknown operations such as network disturbances, overloading, communication delays and also internal and external cyberattacks are detected and reported reliably. Suspicious events in your ICS will always be detected.

  • Quick analysis of network errors

    The Industrial Protector detects and reports frequent network errors such as lost or double packets, packets in the wrong sequence, missing cyclical messages and increased packet times. You will obtain full transparency with regard to your control communications.

  • Clear visualization

    The Industrial Protector presents every command exchange on a comprehensive dashboard. All conversations within the network are available alongside an analysis of trends, reports of anomalies and the configuration of end devices. You will have a clear overview and be able to react quickly to any anomalies.

  • Comprehensive reporting

    The Industrial Protector automatically saves all raw traffic data for forensic analysis of suspicious events. This ensures that you will benefit from complete, informative reporting that you can use with your company management or with external authorities.

  • Multi-site management

    Several sensors work as data collectors sending data to one central controller.

    Advantage: Small sensors replace large devices and thus save enormous costs.

  • Agentless deployment

    No need to manage agent implementations or to configure monitoring.

    Advantage: compliance with corporate guidelines, risk minimization.

  • Made in Germany

Rhebo Industrial Protector

Rhebo Industry 4.0 Stability and Security Audit