NIS2 Requirements in the OT

Implementing intrusion detection and residual risk control in OT networks

Cybersecurity & risk management become an integral part of OT operations

From October 2024, a large number of industrial companies in Germany will be required to implement comprehensive cyber security. In addition to IT, the operational technology (OT) networks must then be included in a company's cyber strategy.

In addition to risk and asset management, it will also be a legal requirement to be able to respond quickly and effectively to cyber incidents in OT.

How to implement NIS2 in your OT

Challenges of NIS2 in the OT

The implementation of NIS2 poses some serious challenges for companies:

  • How can the OT black box be opened up to enable asset management and intrusion detection in industrial infrastructure in the first place?
  • How to deal with third-party OT components and systems that offer little to no security functions?
  • How can the effectiveness of cyber security measures be verified?

One unknown component or insecure system in the OT is enough to jeopardize the overall security of the OT.

Get intrusion detection according to NIS2 and residual risk under control

The top priorities for companies when implementing NIS2 therefore include:

  • Examine the OT for existing risks and embed it in risk management and IT security.
  • Create visibility in OT in order to identify all assets and detect intrusions and potential disruptions to industrial processes at an early stage.
  • Get the residual risk from the supply chain under control by identifying dangerous communication or activities of components and systems in the OT when they first occur.
  • Build up internal OT security expertise.

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NIS2 compliance through risk analysis and OT security monitoring

Rhebo supports critical infrastructure and industrial companies throughout the entire journey to end-to-end OT cyber security in accordance with NIS2:

  1. Vulnerability assessment and risk analysis of existing OT networks.
  2. Integration of a network intrusion detection system in OT with continuous OT monitoring, real-time anomaly detection and SIEM integration.
  3. Optional support services for operating the intrusion detection system with on-the-job training for the companies.