The expertise and skills of our employees are just as important to us as a positive, well-functioning working atmosphere. For this reason, we take you through a multi-stage application process, where we can get to know each other better.

What happens after your application? Here you can follow our application process step by step.

1. Your Application

After we have received your application, you will get a confirmation by email. We will check your application carefully and get back to you within a few days.

2. The First Introduction

In a first telephone interview we want to learn more about you, your expectations and your motivation. If you apply as a developer, you will receive a skills sheet from us in advance, on which you can provide information about your skills and experience.

3. Personal Get To Know

We invite you to Rhebo so that you can get to know our premises and the team. In a personal interview, we will delve into questions about your background, your work style and motivation. Depending on the position, the interview will be combined with a practical work sample. Of course, you are also welcome to join your future team for a day to see if it fits.

4. Job Offer

As soon as we have reached an agreement, we will send you a draft of your employment contract. Of course, you always have the possibility to clarify open questions with us by phone.

5. Your First Weeks

Welcome to Rhebo! Your mentor will guide you through your first day and show you everything you need to know. You will also receive your work materials and settle into your workstation. In the following weeks, you will be trained by your mentor and the team. During your probationary period we will have two feedback sessions to align your and our expectations.

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