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Webcast: 2nd Morning inspiration pitch at EnergyLab Nordhavn | Monday, February 28

The recent SolarWinds and Colonial Pipeline attack revealed unexpected vulnerabilities of critical infrastructures and the need for improved cyber security measures. Intrusion detection systems are a key security technology for protecting power systems, industrial plants and other critical infrastructures. In our morning pitch, we give insights into the strategies of recent cyber attacks and demonstrate the effectiveness of mature intrusion detection systems. Finally, we present recent research paths aiming at higher speed, automation and accuracy of future intrusion detection systems.

​After about 25 minutes presentation, the audience are invited to discuss possible new ways of collaboration and specific challenges related to the topic.

Frank Stummer and Nils Müller provide insights into the strategies of recent cyberattacks and demonstrate the effectiveness of sophisticated intrusion detection systems.


  • 5min - Introductions - bring your own coffee
  • 30min - The pitch
  • 20min - Open Q&A
  • 5min - Wrap - up
Date: Monday, February 28
Place: virtual at EnergyLab Nordhavn
Registration:  Register here!



About Dr. Frank Stummer

Dr. Frank Stummer is founder of Rhebo and has been responsible for Business Development since our founding. He obtained a doctorate at the Fraunhofer Institute for System and Innovation Research before founding his first company, ipoque, in the area of network security in 2006. As its CFO, he was involved in the successful sale of this company.