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Webcast: »Substation Level Monitoring: How to detect cyber attacks at all layers at an early stage«

The power grid is becoming increasingly small-scale due to the integration of public utilities, renewable energy plants and the expansion of new substations. Often, the individual substations are located far away and the management is increasingly carried out digitally via remote access. Traditional firewalls usually detect known malware reliably, but are blind to novel attack patterns and professional attacks that often run over a long period of time.

In this hands-on webinar in English language you will learn:

  • why a central monitoring is not enough to fully protect substations;
  • which threats you currently can't detect in your substation ICS;
  • how you can implement a seamless intrusion detection system for your entire infrastructure.


Missed the webcast? Watch the recording now!

About Klaus Mochalski

Klaus Mochalski is CEO of Rhebo and has over twelve years of experience in the development and marketing of technologies for network management and security. Previously, he was active in research and education at international universities.