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Webcast: "The challenges to consider in IEC 61850 simplification benefits" | Thursday, December 15

IEC 61850 is an international standard defining Communication networks and systems for automation in electrical power supply systems. With IEC 61850 existing hard copper wires between the different sensors and actors are replaced with networking technology.

With the change to a digital substation and the introduction of IEC 61850 you gain a lot of benefits and cost savings on substation design, interoperability between vendors, commissioning, and operation. One of the main advantages of a digital substation is the simplification of the cabling and reduction of devices.

But, with the simplification of the cabling and the reduction of devices the complexity is transferred to the network configuration, computers, virtualization, and network security which brings additional challenges.

Join our webinar, hosted by Mandana White and learn more from the industry experts.


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