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Webcast: »The Top 10 of Security Risks in Operational Technology«

From Pipedream to GhostSec to a never-ending stream of CISA advisories on newly found vulnerabilities in industrial components: It is an open secret that operational technology (OT) networks are historically insecure. Or do you trust the security posture of your OT systems?

Do you know the existing, hidden security gaps and vulnerabilities? And are you sure that attackers are not already roaming through your OT? Only risk analyses can provide answers that specifically look for OT properties and structures that are useful for attackers or patterns that indicate an already happening compromise. Rhebo has been conducting OT risk analyses and vulnerability assessments since 2015. It's time to look back and review what we have found so far.

In our upcoming webcast, Dr. Frank Stummer, CEO of Digital Forensics and co-founder of Rhebo, will talk about:

  • the top 10 security vulnerabilities and anomalies Rhebo experts have identified at customers OT networks in 2022;
  • how attackers can exploit these vulnerabilities;
  • how a risk analysis with vulnerability assessment provides clarity on risk exposure;
  • how companies can ensure full OT visibility 24 / 7 / 365.

We look forward to your participation.

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