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Webcast: »Tougher cybersecurity requirements ahead: How to prepare for NIS2«

With the NIS2 Directive, the intensification of cyber security requirements for critical infrastructures and important organizations is going into the next round. In the future, companies will be required to address and verify implementation of 10 categories in their cyber risk management. In addition, cyber incidents reporting requirements will be reinforced.

But what exactly stands behind the 10 categories? Which aspects must be taken into account? And what service and technical options support companies with compliance?

In our upcoming webcast, Klaus Mochalski, co-founder of Rhebo, explores these questions and explains:

  • How the categories intertwine in an end-to-end cybersecurity system.
  • What EU companies can expect when considering the German NIS2 implementation as benchmark.
  • What the minimum steps are for companies to be compliant with the law.
  • How reporting requirements can be met in a time-efficient and required manner.
  • What measures are useful in managing cyber incidents.
  • How cybersecurity teams can verify day-to-day that the implemented measures are working.

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