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Webcast: VDI conference - »Ripple20 and other attack vectors - How manufacturers protect their critical IoT networks« | Tuesday, June 8

The 8th VDI specialist conference "Industrial IT Security", which is being held online this year, is the platform for manufacturers, users and scientists to exchange information on the latest developments in the field of industrial IT security. The conference helps you to correctly assess current threat situations and to take the appropriate countermeasures. Numerous implementation examples and field reports show you in a practical manner how other companies guarantee their cybersecurity and help you to implement suitable protective measures in your company.

In this Webcast you will learn:

  • IoT devices are smart and connective, but rarely secure
  • A compromised device can infect the entire fleet
  • Automated detection and defense systems for the IoT devices create security
  • Unknown attack patterns can also be identified
  • Cyber attacks, manipulation and technical error states


The webinar will be conducted by 'VDI Wissensforum':

Date Tuseday, June 8
Time 11:00 a.m.
Location virtual at VDI


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Please notice: The Webcast will be held in German language


About Dr. Frank Stummer

Dr. Frank Stummer is the founder of Rhebo and works as a co-founder in business development. He did his doctorate at the Fraunhofer Institute for System Technology and Innovation Research before founding ipoque, his first company for network security, in 2006 and successfully leading it to exit as CFO.