Webinar: »Ripple20 And Other Cyberattacks: How Vendors Can Secure Their Critical IoT Networks« | Tuesday, September 22

Webcast Rhebo IoT Device Protection

IoT devices are smart and connective, but rarely secure. One compromised device can lead to the infection of the entire fleet. How can manufacturers and operators of globally networked IoT devices implement an automated detection and response system for IoT device security? And how can unknown attack patterns be identified and fleet risk minimised through intelligent threat mitigation?

With Rhebo IoT Device Protection, Rhebo introduces a dedicated IoT cybersecurity solution that locally detects and protects against attacks, manipulation and technical error states, thus ensuring the security of your global IoT network.

In this hands-on webinar with Alexander Müller, VP Product Management Rhebo, you will learn:

  • how to protect your distributed IoT devices with anomaly detection, behavioural analysis and automated threat mitigation;
  • how to assess the risk exposure of your IoT network in real-time;
  • how to upgrade your existing IoT networks easily and cost-effectively;
  • how Rhebo IoT Device Protection protects sonnen's globally connected energy storage systems.

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About Alexander Müller

Alexander Müller is Vice President Product Management at Rhebo and is responsible for the continuing advancement of the industrial IT security product portfolio. Before he took over responsibility for product management at Rhebo, he held leading positions at ipoque and TTE-Europe.