Webinar: »The enemy in my network control technology - Typical anomalies in your network«| November 15, 2018, 2pm


The operation of critical infrastructures is demanding enough in times of digitalisation, energy revolution and decentralised supply. The last thing that operators of energy supply companies and water supply companies need are faults in their network control technology caused by cyber attacks such as Dragonfly 2.0, internal manipulation and technical faults. Nevertheless, no administrator has been able to give us complete information about the processes in his network control system. The result: Despite classic IT security mechanisms, there are always anomalies in the network control technology that indicate security gaps, compromises and technical errors.

In our practice-oriented webinar you will learn concretely:

  • why classic IT security concepts capitulate to the current threats,
  • what security-related anomalies we found in control systems,
  • which technical anomalies we found in control systems,
  • how you can identify and eliminate these hazards in your network control system early and completely