Cybersecurity for Energy Storage Systems

Intrusion Detection System for residential & commercial energy storage vendors and operators
  • Detect & mitigate cyber attacks fast

    … through host or network based intrusion detection with Deep Packet Inspection.

  • Prevent spillover to your storage fleet

    … through tailored security automation directly on the energy storage endpoint.

  • Build your OT Security knowhow

    … through expert assistance for forensic analysis and operational support.

The new energy sector challenge: cybersecurity

Modern, networked energy storage systems are particularly at risk within critical infrastructures. They are often far from direct control. Their communication technology is difficult to segment and shield. Private households or commercial operators require their own data interface in order to monitor performance and change settings.

At the same time, networked energy storage systems are not just individual facilities to be protected, but form fleets with tens of thousands of end devices. Both the storage systems as end devices or larger aggregate clusters and the operational technology (OT) that connects them must be protected against cyber attacks and error states effectively and in compliance with the law.

Our energy storage systems have very specific communication patterns. When selecting the solution, it was therefore particularly important to us that monitoring and security automation are specifically tailored to our devices and can be expanded at any time. Because both our technology and the threat landscape are constantly evolving.
Daniel Ackermann, sonnen Leader Software Development Team
Network Worldwide IoT Internet of Things Cyber Security
The sonnen Group is one of the world's leading manufacturers of intelligent electricity storage systems and a pioneer in technologies for a clean, decentralised and connected energy system.

(II)OT Security Made Simple

  • Rhebo supports

    ... industrial companies in saving millions in security compliance fees and downtime money.

  • Rhebo enables

    ... the fast ramp-up from 10,000 to 100,000 devices and more with a highly scalable IIoT security solution.

  • Rhebo ensures

    ... a cost-efficient roll-out and update deployment without the need of local engineering or maintenance teams.

Lightweight & powerful intrusion detection for energy storage devices

Lightweight & powerful intrusion detection for energy storage devices With the Rhebo intrusion detection system, companies can monitor their energy storage systems in private households and commercial power plants for cyber attacks, manipulation and error states and initiate targeted mitigation measures.

Rhebo's integrated deep packet inspection technology analyzes digital communication in detail and reports anomalous activities in real time. This reduces the risk of disruption to energy storage and prevents spillover of malware and attacks on the fleet.

The lightweight intrusion detection can be rolled, administered and updated centrally for all connected energy storage systems during operation.

Ensure NIS2 compliance

Many energy storage system vendors and operators must comply to the NIS2 requirements and respective national law. Rhebo supports your company in many aspects of the NIS2 Directive, particularly risk analysis, cyber hygiene, effectiveness assessment, intrusion detection, incident handling and reporting obligations.

This eBook examines the impact of NIS2 on companies, discusses the challenges and limitations in OT and IIoT networks, and explains how these can be overcome and the residual risk can be brought under control.

Download NIS 2 eBook

Bridge the OT security skills gap

Rhebo supports its customers along the entire OT and IIoT security lifecycle – from initial risk analysis, to integration and baselining, to managed OT monitoring with the Rhebo threat and intrusion detection. Thus, vendors and operators of residential and commercial energy storage systems can focus on their core business without losing sight of the security of their critical processes.