Rhebo AMI Security

Effective Cybersecurity For The Advanced Metering Infrastructure

Cybersecurity from the SOC to the Substation

Rhebo AMI Security is the security monitoring and threat detection solution for the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI). The security system integrates with Head End Systems (HES) and continuously monitors the network communications of the AMI without requiring any change to the AMI architecture or devices. Any anomaly within the AMI is detected, assessed and reported in real time.

Rhebo fully supports companies along the industrial cybersecurity lifecycle from the initial risk analysis to managed security monitoring with intrusion and anomaly detection.

Rhebo - OT Security Made Simple

  • Security against prevailing vulnerabilities

    … through recurrent AMI cyber risk analysis and maturity assessments.

  • Security against known and novel cyberattacks

    … through monitoring, asset discovery and threat detection as well as event correlation of smart meters, HES and network.

  • End-2-end security

    … through anomaly detection to prevent threat propagation across OT, IIoT and Advanced Metering Infrastructure.

  • AMI security made simple

    … through OT-focused analysis & intelligent event visualization without the need to modify the AMI.

  • Securing actionability

    ... through Rhebo expert support for risk analysis, operations and forensic analysis.

  • System security

    ... through flexible and cost-efficient integration of Rhebo solutions on IIoT devices and network components.

  • Security against unpredictable TCO

    ... through simple license schemes and easy, low-footprint installations.

  • Securing compliance

    ... through monitoring and IDS solution based on national and international security laws and standards

  • Security of trust Made in Germany

    ... compliant with European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO) and GDPR.

Our goal is to provide our customers with a powerful and secure Advanced Metering Infrastructure. Rhebo AMI Security offers a simple and effective tool which we can add to our system’s application through a highly cost-efficient subscription license.
Juha Torstensson Vice President for Software, Service & Solution
Landis+Gyr is a leading global provider of integrated energy management solutions for the utility sector. The company delivers innovative and flexible solutions to help utilities solve their complex challenges in Smart Metering, Grid Edge Intelligence and Smart Infrastructure.

Simple & Effective: 3 Steps To Uncompromising AMI Security

Step 1: AMI risk analysis & maturity assessment

Cybersecurity starts with visibility. The Rhebo Industrial Security Assessment for AMI is a cyber risk analysis and maturity assessment that provides a deep understanding of your Advanced Metering Infrastructure assets, risk exposure as well as recommendations for effective measures for hardening the systems. → To the AMI Rhebo Industrial Security Assessment

Step 2: AMI monitoring with threat detection

The seamless transition to continuous monitoring & early intrusion detection in smart meter networks. The AMI monitoring with intrusion and anomaly detection Rhebo Industrial Protector provides AMI-dedicated security. It advances the existing perimeter firewall security by extending anomaly detection to communications between the smart meters / data concentrators and the head end system. → Explore the security monitoring solution with anomaly detection

Step 3: Managed Detection & Response

The recipe to peace of mind: We monitor so you don’t have to. With Rhebo Managed Protection we also support you in operating the AMI security monitoring with anomaly detection, in particular in evaluating and responding to incidents, as well as continuously reviewing and improving mitigation mechanisms. → Explore Rhebo Managed Protection



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