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Rhebo IIoT Security

Anomaly and intrusion detection for critical (I)IoT assets and networks

Global Cybersecurity From the Center to the Edge.

Critical edge devices like energy storage systems or other connected high value (I)IoT assets are particularly prone to cyber attacks. By embedding the Rhebo IIoT security solution in critical edge devices, manufacturers of industrial IoT solutions can protect their distributed IoT assets from cyber attacks, manipulation and technical error states – no matter where the edge device is installed and operating. → Communications monitoring, anomaly and intrusions detection, as well as the automated threat mitigation ensure strong embedded (I)IoT security for both, the (I)IoT assets and the global (I)IoT network.

What Our Customers Say

Our energy storage systems have very specific communication patterns. When selecting the solution, it was therefore particularly important to us that monitoring and security automation are specifically tailored to our devices and can be expanded at any time. Because both our technology and the threat landscape are constantly evolving.
Daniel Ackermann, sonnen Leader Software Development Team
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The sonnen Group is one of the world's leading manufacturers of intelligent electricity storage systems and a pioneer in technologies for a clean, decentralised and connected energy system.

How The Rhebo IIoT Security Solution Works

The Rhebo IoT security solution monitors all communication on the connected IoT devices and within the entire IoT network, utilizing OT monitoring and anomaly detection. Threats are stopped at the device and reported to the central control room for further analysis. The automated threat mitigation policies can be flexibly adapted to any IoT application and internal security guidelines. This ensures both the optimal operation of IoT devices as well as effective security.

The containerized software solution enables a lean and efficient integration and update of IoT edge security on globally distributed devices.

The Rhebo IIoT Security system detects and prevents the spill-over, lateral movement and propagation of an infection or attack to other connected devices. This provides both security for the individual (I)IoT device as well as the entire (I)IoT network.

The Rhebo IoT security solution can be operated on-premise or as Managed Detection & Response.