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ICS Security

»Detect Unknown Attacks Pattern | Establish Defense-in-Depth«

Unknown Cyberattacks Meet Vulnerable ICS

Advanced Persistent Threats | Legacy Systems | Missing Security by Design

Whether targeted attacks such as those at Bayer, Tasnee and the Ukrainian power supply or spillover effects such as those at Merck and Maersk: Digitalisation makes industrial plants vulnerable to external interference and disruption.

For operational, historical and pragmatic reasons, endpoint protection is not a serious option for ICS security. And Firewall & Co. overlook both novel attack patterns and manipulations that occur within the segments of the industrial control system.

ICS Security Through ICS Monitoring

Defense-In-Depth | Network Monitoring | Real-Time Notification

ICS security must follow the Defense-In-Depth approach. In addition to classic cyber attacks, this approach also focuses on the smallest possible changes and novel attack patterns that would otherwise remain undetected and could disrupt the systems' functionality. Rhebo Industrial Protector enables you to react immediately to any changes in your industrial control system and to protect your processes.

Continuous ICS monitoring analyzes every communication process within the system, both passively and non-intrusively, down to value level.

The integrated anomaly detection reports any deviation from the expected communication pattern in real time, including.:

  • new hosts and connections,
  • manipulation of command codes and values,
  • new protocol,
  • changed communication patterns,
  • port scan.

Network monitoring thus enhances the perimeter protection of existing security gateways with comprehensive surveillance of the inner communication zone. Your ICS security becomes comprehensive, ensuring security and stability of your processes.

Incident Detection At First Occurence


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