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Industrial Internet of Things

»Industrial Network Continuity | Stability & Security Audits | ICS Monitoring«

Flexibility and Efficiency Affect Stability

Complexity | Lack of Visibility | Undetected Vulnerabilities

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is one of the most important developments of digitization in the industry. Speed, flexibility and data-driven efficiency gains are just some of the positive aspects that companies benefit from.

However, IIoT also means a major change in the operation of industrial plants and the associated industrial control systems. Whether devices, functions or connections: the IIoT is characterized by increasing diversity and complexity of the infrastructure. Devices interact beyond the actual industrial control system. New data exploitation concepts and production techniques increase the requirements for real-time performance, data integrity and cybersecurity. Process stability and plant availability are at risk. More than ever, there is a need for an integrated management of industrial plants.

Technical management, cybersecurity and data protection continue to grow together. Industrial plants are thus increasingly converging with traditional IT security. However, IT security can only react to the special properties of automation technology to a limited extent when it comes to:

  • availability and reliability,
  • data integrity,
  • delayed updated cycles and outdated legacy systems,
  • lack of security by design and vulnerable communication,
  • critical systems.

Ensuring Secure AND Stable IIoT

Industrial Network Continuity | Stability and Security Audits | ICS Monitoring

Rhebo unites industrial security and operational availability. Cyber threats as well as technical error conditions are fully detected, documented and reported. You will not only be informed about cyberattacks, manipulation, existing vulnerabilities or failed logins. Overload states, communication and configuration errors are also reported in real-time.

The Rhebo Industry 4.0 Stability and Security Audit provides you with a risk analysis of the state quo of your ICS. Communication structures are analyzed in detail and existing threats are identified.

The continuous ICS monitoring of Rhebo Industrial Protector provides you with uncompromized visibility of your infrastructure and thus enables a detailed Plant Asset Management. The integrated anomaly detection reports and documents in real-time all communication processes that jeopardize security or availability.

You gain transparency in your IIoT infrastructure and can react quickly to threats before the processes are affected.



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