Industry 4.0 and its risks

Besides the many advantages of Industry 4.0, companies also have to deal with certain risks which come with the new organizational concept. These include IT security, equipment availability as well as data security. The risks can be divided into two main categories: IT security and network stability. The IT security of industrial control systems (ICS) can be compromised due to the integration of external networks (including the internet) and a higher number of access points. This can lead to disruptions caused by manipulation, cyber hacking as well as human and software failure. The network stability can be compromised due to a higher number of protagonists (often with different functions and authorizations) leading to higher network load as well as the risk of mutually blocking or contradicting operations. Both can cause production delays, functional disruptions and equipment failure. A solution to cope with this challenge are particular network condition monitoring tools which enable a continuous real-time analysis and anomaly detection in ICS (also see Rhebo Industrial Inspector).