Ventajas y escenarios de aplicación de la detección de anomalías

IEC 61850 Series: »What does the IEC 61850 standard define?«

IEC 61850 is an object-oriented standard for the automation of distributed energy resources including substations and renewable energy resources. In a nutshell, the standard describes how components in energy resources are described, are operated, what information is exchanged between these components, and how it is exchanged.

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IEC 61850 Series: »Why is the IEC 61850 standard important?«

The IEC 61850 standard of the International Electrotechnical Commission defines the basis for interoperability of the industrial control systems used in energy production and supply. It is increasingly superseding or supplementing the IEC 60870-5-104 and DNP3 standards which have been in use for the last decades.

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Zero Day Attacks – How to Safeguard your OT Infrastructure?

The most destructive cyberattacks over the last years have used vulnerabilities that were either unknown or known, but still unpatched. Particularly in industrial environments where patch management is slow and difficult, the risk exposure remains – even years after zero day vulnerabilities became public. Klaus Mochalski explains how ICS monitoring with anomaly detection closes this prevailing security gap.

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What Means »Cybersecurity Made In Europe«

Cybersecurity systems must adhere to the data protection and data security policies just as strictly as any network component. In particular in the critical infrastructure sector it is paramount to be able to trust the systems and tools integrated in one's networks. The European Cyber Security Organisation has created the label »Cybersecurity Made In Europe« to provide independent proof of secure cybersecurity. Klaus Mochalski explains its implications and benefits. More about the label you can find in the press release.

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Substation Level Monitoring - Cybersecurity in Remotely-Controlled Utilities

The growing energy grid becomes ever more complex. Distribution system operators and energy providers generally lack visibility into their substations. Klaus Mochalski explains why this is an underrated risk to the operation of energy utilities and what needs to be done.

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