Robots in an Industry Hall Cyber Security

OT Security For Automated Manufacturing

Intrusion & Threat Detection System in operational technology networks and ICS
  • Detect multi-stage cyber attacks in real-time

    … through complete visibility of all OT assets and communication.

  • Mitigate cyber incidents fast and effectively

    … through real-time anomaly detection and notification with all forensic data.

  • Secure industrial processes against downtime

    … through immediate actionability and optional managed IDS operation

Preventing downtime and contractual penalties in automated manufacturing

Automated, networked production in the manufacturing industry depends on real-time processes. Operational Technology (OT) failures inevitably lead to downtime, quality problems, delays in the supply chain and subsequent contractual penalties. Third-party interference also jeopardizes the safety of people and equipment.

The risk of novel cyberattacks, ransomware spillover, and technical error conditions has risen sharply over the past decade. At the same time, security managers are struggling with the continuing shortage of OT security professionals and are under intense cost pressure.

Trust Build on Expertise

What our customers say
When our industrial printer went down, Rhebo Industrial Protector enabled us to locate the root cause within minutes. In the past, locating the error cost us days.
Maintenance employee at a German industrial company
Server Station Cyber Security Rhebo
  • eBook »NIS2 in OT networks«


    Ensure actionability and control residual risk



  • Reference Logistics


    Stopping internal actors at a global logistics system provider



  • IEC 62443 White paper


    Risk analysis and system security according to IEC 62443



Simple and effective OT security for the manufacturing sector

Detect attacks on your operational technology network

With Rhebo, companies in the automated manufacturing sector can secure their industrial process and infrastructures against professional, multi-stage cyber attacks in a targeted manner. We establish complete asset visibility in the OT, identify vulnerabilities, and detect cyber incidents in real time that could put the security, integrity, and availability of critical processes at risk.

Ensure legal and standard compliance

Rhebo solutions comply to and support the security requirements for a thorough security posture laid out in the IEC 62443 standard as well as NIS 2 Directive. With our OT monitoring, anomaly detection, and security services, we deliver simple, focused, and rapidly integrated solutions to meet the requirements for logging and detecting security-related events in OT, and to ensure rapid response to incidents.

Bridge the OT security resources gap

Rhebo supports its customers along the entire OT security lifecycle – from initial risk analysis, to integration and baselining, to managed OT monitoring with the Rhebo threat and intrusion detection. Companies in the automated manufacturing sector can thus focus on their core business without losing sight of the security of their critical processes.

3 steps to intrusion detection in your OT

  • Step 1: Risk analysis


    Establish visibility and identify existing risks and vulnerabilities with the Rhebo Industrial Security Assessment



  • Step 2: Intrusion detection


    Integrate an industrial IDS with OT monitoring and anomaly detection with Rhebo Industrial Protector



  • Step 3: Support


    Bridge your OT security resource gap and tap into Rhebo’s long-standing expertise with Rhebo Managed Protection