OT & IIoT Asset Detection & Inventory

Identify all assets and systems in your OT and establish full OT visibility

You can only secure, what you see

Identify all assets and systems in your OT and establish full OT visibility

Rhebo enables you to detect and document all OT assets in your industrial infrastructure. This new OT visibility provides you with the basis for an effective risk analysis, cybersecurity and operational management, as recommended by industry standards such as IEC 62443 and ISO 27000.

Getting ahead of the increasing complexity of OT networks

Whether critical infrastructure, manufacturing companies or process industries: The documentationof OT assets and their communication behaviour in industrial infrastructure usually is incomplete and difficult. Often there is a continuous change in the OT landscape with new devices added or properties changed without the ability to identify or retrace those changes. Even in IEC 61850 infrastructure the update of the corresponding documentation might take weeks, thus resulting in blind spots. Additionally, vendors use proprietary settings and protocols or hide information about their components as a business secret.

In increasingly complex and networked industrial infrastructure (see left graphic), these blind spots in the OT and ICS jeopardize OT security and availability-oriented operation. The operators lack the OT visibility necessary to detect risks early-on and mitigate attacks.

Detailed And Automated Asset Detection

OT Visibility | Detailed Context Diagrams | Quality Assessment

The Rhebo OT monitoring detects and analyzes in real-time every component that communicates within the industrial control system. This provides you with up-to-date documentation of all components and their properties, e.g.:

  • vendor, device name,
  • IP address, MAC address,
  • version of firmware,
  • serial number, known vulnerabilities.

Moreover, as part of the Rhebo OT Security, Rhebo AMI Security and Rhebo IIoT Security 3-step program, you receive a complete analysis of the network and communication structure as the very first step on your journey to comprehensive OT security.

Additional you get detailed information about:

  • communication profiles,
  • communication volumes,
  • connections to other devices (system context diagram),
  • quality of connections regarding cybersecurity and technical flawlessness.

The continuous OT network monitoring with anomaly detection additionally informs you in real-time about changes in the communication behavior (see graphic left) of the individual components. This enables you to immediately detect security events to strengthen your cyberresilience as well as technical error states for condition based maintenance and operations management.


  • Solution Brief


    With Rhebo OT Security companies establish continuous OT visibility and OT security



  • Information flyer


    Main facts about the Rhebo Industrial Security Assessment



  • IEC 62443 white paper


    How to achieve ICS transparency and inventory according to IEC 62443.





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