Electricity Energy Substation Cyber Security

OT Cybersecurity for Energy Providers

»Secure Your Infrastructure – Implement Intrusion Detection From Control Room To Substations«
  • Establish 360° OT Cybersecurity & Visibility

    Detection of attacks, manipulation and malware from the individual device to the network, from the control room to the remotely controlled substation.

  • Implement ICS Security Regulations

    ICS monitoring and anomaly detection for an intelligent state-of-the-art early intrusion detection system.

  • Implement Cost-Effective Infrastructure Security

    System-wide, cost-effective monitoring through a combination of hardware sensors and software integration on existing components.

For years, Rhebo has been very well established with its solution at German energy suppliers. And as a German and vendor-independent company, it offers the trustworthiness and flexibility that our customers expect when securing their system-relevant infrastructure.
Frank Brech Head of EnBW Full Kritis Service
EnBW Full Kritis Service is the cybersecurity service provider of EnBW AG and offers tailor-made, integrated cybersecurity products and services for energy suppliers, water companies and industrial customers, among others.
With Rhebo, we can centrally and reliably secure our energy supply as well as the municipal utilities and over 16,000 decentralized energy producers we serve. The newly gained transparency and continuous monitoring visibly increases our network quality.
Dipl.-Ing. Daniel Beyer, TEN Advisor Process IT and Interfaces, TEN
TEN Thüringer Energienetze is the largest distribution network operator in Thuringia, Germany supplying over 1.1 million people, the domestic economy and downstream distributors with energy.
With Rhebo we can actively make sure that our Industrial Automation & Control System (IACS) is stable and secure. Rhebo provides the detailed visibility into our IACS to rapidly identify and mitigate novel attacks and misconfigurations that have been invisible to us in the past.
Sven Hanemann, e-netz Südhessen AG IT Security manager
Power Energy EVU Cyber Security
As the distribution network operator of Entega AG, e-netz Südhessen AG reliably supplies around one million people in 63 municipalities in the Rhine-Main-Neckar region with electricity and gas.
Rhebo Industrial Protector convinced us with its functionality, depth of detail and real-time detection of even hidden anomalies.
Thomas Volk, Stromnetz Hamburg Managing Director
Industry Power Plant Cyber Security
Stromnetz Hamburg GmbH operates the electricity distribution grid including the infrastructure for electromobility in Hamburg and its metropolitan region.
With Rhebo, we can be sure that any anomaly in our network control system will be reported to us in real-time enabling us to react immediately.
Dirk Hollmach, Mitnetz Head of Net Operations Mitnetz
Energy Cyber Security
The largest distribution network operator in East Germany maintains an electricity network for a secure energy supply for 2.3 million people.
Rhebo's ICS monitoring system provides us with systematic support in monitoring remote maintenance and remote access points as well as detecting defects and anomalies in the ICS before they cause disruptions in the energy or water supply.
Rainer Fuhrmann, EWR Netz GmbH Head of Industrial Control
EWR Netz GmbH develops and operates energy, water and telecommunications networks in the German regions of Rheinhessen, Ried and Pfalz.

Decentralization, Lack of Visibility & Targeted Attacks

Challenges of Energy Suppliers

With the decentralization of power supply, energy utilities, distribution system operators and transmission system operators face an increasingly fragmented infrastructure with a large number of remote locations and network users. Only extensive digitalization enables the efficient operation of these modern power grids and the operation of the smart grid and smart metering infrastructure.

However, it also increases the risk of vulnerabilities, attacks and technical error states. Distributed assets provide optimal access points for targeted attacks and the reconnaissance of the wider infrastructure.

At the same time, operators lack the visibility to effectively identify harmful changes at an early stage. This is especially true for remotely controlled assets such as substations, switchgear, and renewable energy plants, as well as affiliated municipal utilities.

Cybersecurity From Control Room to Substation

Rhebo enables you to implement a reliable substation level monitoring

Early Intrusion Detection System For The Entire Infrastructure

Seamless Visibility For ICS & Remote Access Networks

Energy supply companies can only protect what they can see. Established cybersecurity regulation and standards therefore recommend an end-to-end system defense-in-depth intrusion detection system. This must ensure that intrusion attempts are already identified and mitigated in the early phases of the attack.

Energy suppliers, distribution system operators and transmission system operators therefore need a system that creates complete visibility in their industrial control systems. Any change in the digital communication behavior within the plants' ICS and between the sites must be detected, documented and reported in real-time.

This enables operators in the control room to respond quickly and proactively to attacks and technical error states.

Holistic Cybersecurity From The Control Room To The Substation

360° Visibility Through ICS Monitoring With Anomaly Detection

Rhebo Industrial Protector non-intrusively monitors, analyzes and visualizes all assets and the complete data traffic within your ICS.

In real-time, the anomaly detection reports any changes in communication behavior, e.g.:

  • new devices and network users;
  • changed commands and functions of a device;
  • critical activities such as firmware updates and changes in PLC operating modes;
  • circumvention of security mechanisms by physical or virtual components;
  • reconnaissance and intrusion activities such as network scans and lateral movements;
  • known vulnerabilities of the devices;
  • technical error conditions.
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    Securing energy supply for more than 1.1m citizens


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    Learn how to gain full network transparency.


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Rhebo Industrial Protector can be integrated into the ICS as a hardware or software sensor. For cost-efficient monitoring of communication in distributed power infrastructure, the integration can be done on existing security gateways from e.g. Barracuda, Bosch Rexroth, INSYS icom, RAD, or Welotec.

The specific protocol types used in energy utility ICS such as OPC, IEC 60870-5-104, IEC 61850-8-1, DNP3 and their variants are fully supported.

Rhebo also supports you with the operation of Rhebo Industrial Protector. The ICS monitoring can be operated in-house and via Managed Services.

YOUR ADVANTAGE: You always have full clarity about potentially harmful communication processes in the ICS. You can react immediately to potential disturbances before the energy supply processes are affected.

  • Step 1: Cybersecurity Audit


    Main facts about the Rhebo Industrial Security Assessment


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  • Step 2: ICS Monitoring


    In-depth cybersecurity with ICS monitoring and anomaly detection


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  • Step 3: Managed Services


    Expert support, forensic analysis and mitigation consultation


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