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»Combine IDS & OT-Security Monitoring | Increase Global Cyberresilience | Securely Integrate IT & OT«
  • Monitor OT & ICS Communikation

    Continuous behavioral analysis of all connected industrial assets for a comprehensive, in-depth OT visibility and risk assessment.

  • Protect Industrial Processes

    Identification of cyberattacks, manipulation and malware from device to network, from the control room to remote facilities.

  • Implement Global System Security

    System-wide, cost-effective monitoring through a combination of hardware sensors and software integration on existing components.

With Rhebo we can actively make sure that our Industrial Automation & Control System (IACS) is stable and secure. Rhebo provides the detailed visibility into our IACS to rapidly identify and mitigate novel attacks and misconfigurations that have been invisible to us in the past.
Sven Hanemann, e-netz Südhessen AG IT Security manager
Power Energy EVU Cyber Security
As the distribution network operator of Entega AG, e-netz Südhessen AG reliably supplies around one million people in 63 municipalities in the Rhine-Main-Neckar region with electricity and gas.
For years, Rhebo has been very well established with its solution at German energy suppliers. And as a German and vendor-independent company, it offers the trustworthiness and flexibility that our customers expect when securing their system-relevant infrastructure.
Frank Brech Head of EnBW Full Kritis Service
EnBW Full Kritis Service is the cybersecurity service provider of EnBW AG and offers tailor-made, integrated cybersecurity products and services for energy suppliers, water companies and industrial customers, among others.
With Rhebo, we can centrally and reliably secure our energy supply as well as the municipal utilities and over 16,000 decentralized energy producers we serve. The newly gained transparency and continuous monitoring visibly increases our network quality.
Dipl.-Ing. Daniel Beyer, TEN Advisor Process IT and Interfaces, TEN
TEN Thüringer Energienetze is the largest distribution network operator in Thuringia, Germany supplying over 1.1 million people, the domestic economy and downstream distributors with energy.
With Rhebo, we can be sure that any anomaly in our network control system will be reported to us in real-time enabling us to react immediately.
Dirk Hollmach, Mitnetz Head of Net Operations Mitnetz
Energy Cyber Security
The largest distribution network operator in East Germany maintains an electricity network for a secure energy supply for 2.3 million people.
Rhebo's ICS monitoring system provides us with systematic support in monitoring remote maintenance and remote access points as well as detecting defects and anomalies in the ICS before they cause disruptions in the energy or water supply.
Rainer Fuhrmann, EWR Netz GmbH Head of Industrial Control
EWR Netz GmbH develops and operates energy, water and telecommunications networks in the German regions of Rheinhessen, Ried and Pfalz.

Profit Maximization And Advanced Persistent Threats

IT / OT Integration in Oil & Gas

Over the past decade, the oil and gas industry has increasingly become a highly digitalized industrial sector. Oil and gas companies now control a large number of globally distributed and interconnected assets. Industrial assets and processes such as gas compressors and offshore drilling platforms are largely controlled remotely.

Operational technology (OT) and IT are becoming more closely interconnected and integrated. With this digitalization and integration, companies are laying the foundation to increase profits, reduce emissions, and secure time-sensitive supply chains in an increasingly volatile market.

At the same time, the integration of IT and OT increases risk exposure of previously stand-alone industrial facilities to the surging field of cyberthreats. According to a recent World Economic Forum report on "Cyber Resilience in the Oil & Gas Industry" (2021), attacks on OT systems increased by more than 30 percent between 2018 and 2019. Past incidents that affected operations, e.g. at Saudi Aramco, Petro Rabigh, CPC Corp. and Colonial Pipeline, among others, increasingly highlight the lack of cyber resilience.

More than any other industry, critical infrastructure in oil and gas is confronted with sophisticated, partly state-sponsored criminal and terrorist groups that want to damage the infrastructure and endanger health and safety. The digitalization of the oil and gas industry can only be successful, if the cybersecurity strategy for OT explicitly addresses these threat scenarios.

Implementing Security Standard IEC 62443

IDS & OT monitoring are integral to your Defense-In-Depth strategy

OT Visibility & Early Threat Detection

Continuous OT Monitoring and Anomaly Detection

To reliably identify existing vulnerabilities and risks, network operators in oil and gas infrastructures need transparency within their industrial automated networks. A combination of Intrusion Detection System with continuous OT security monitoring establishes visibility across all hosts, connections and activities in the OT and ICS.

Anomaly detection analysis of any communication within the OT ensures real-time identification of anomalous behavior patterns of the industrial assets. This allows to quickly mitigate both covert attacks and successful infiltrations, as well as harmful actions by internal perpetrators or technical error states.

Rhebo Protects Your Oil & Gas OT Infrastructure

Identify Risks, Mitigate Threats, Protect Industrial Processes

Rhebo creates end-to-end visibility in industrial automated networks and increases cyber resilience against advanced persistent threats, zero-day exploits and malware attacks.

The Rhebo Industry 4.0 Stability and Security Audit provides security engineers in oil and gas companies with a detailed analysis and assessment of the OT structure, risk exposure and existing vulnerabilities.

Rhebo Industrial Protector monitors, analyzes and visualizes all assets and the complete data traffic within your ICS as part of your defense-in-depth strategy. In real-time, the anomaly detection reports any communication of:

  • known and unknown attack patterns and malware;
  • professional cyberattacks (advanced persistent threats), internal sabotage and manipulation;
  • technical errors states.

Specific industrial protocol types such as PROFINET, Ethernet/IP, CIP and Siemens S7 are supported without exception.

Rhebo Managed Protection provides oil and gas companies with professional support in assessing and mitigating anomalies that occur in the OT.

YOUR ADVANTAGE: You always have clarity about potentially harmful communication processes in your ICS. This allows you to react immediately to potential disturbances ‒ before your exploration, production, and transport processes are affected or risk downtimes.

  • Step 1: Cybersecurity Audit


    Main facts about the Rhebo Industrial Security Assessment


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  • Step 2: ICS Monitoring


    In-depth cybersecurity with ICS monitoring and anomaly detection


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  • Step 3: Managed Services


    Expert support, forensic analysis and mitigation consultation


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