• Monitor ICS Communication

  • Reduce Cyber Risk

  • Safeguard Security of Supply

Manipulations, Network Disruptions and Regulations

Challenges for Operators in Water and Sewage Companies

With the rising of remote controlled facilities the water supply and sewage industry is increasingly open to hacker attacks and network disruptions. Both technically induced and externally forced disturbances and changes in process parameters by cyber attacks can become a serious threat to supply security and public health.

Water and sewage plant operators face the challenge of securing their operations against any downtime risks.


Stable Processes by Gapless Cyber Security

The Solution: Gain Full Digital Clarity and Visibility

Operators need to know what is happening within their network control technology to effectively protect their processes against professional threats, remote access misuse, and technical malfunctions. The consistent monitoring of all assets and communication incidents by means of an industrial anomaly detection ensures the report of any suspicious incident in real-time.

Thus operators of critical infrastructure (CI) can sustainably enforce the security of their public services and comply to legal regulations and standards as ISO 27002 ff.

  • Gain Comprehensive Event Reporting

    Rhebo Industrial Protector reports and prioritizes in real-time any anomaly and provides full forensic data for in-depth analysis.

  • Comply to Regulations and the ISO 27000 Series

    Rhebo Industrial Protector enables compliance with regulations and standards addressing IT security to establish an effective ISMS.

  • Implement Centralized ICS Monitoring

    Rhebo Industrial Protector supports centralized ICS monitoring via standard interfaces to control room systems, SIEM and other platforms.

Detect Network Anomalies in Real-Time

Harden Your IT Security and Implement an Effective ISMS

Rhebo Industrial Protector monitors, analyzes and visualizes all assets and the complete data traffic within your ICS as part of your defense-in-depth strategy. In real-time, the anomaly detection reports any communication of:

  • known and unknown malicious code;
  • professional cyberattacks (advanced persistent threats), internal sabotage and manipulation;
  • technical network errors.

Specific industrial protocol types used in water treatment utility networks are fully supported.

YOUR ADVANTAGE: You always have clarity about potentially harmful communication processes in your network control technology. This allows you to react immediately to potential disturbances before your water treatment and transport processes are affected or downtimes occur.

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