Water Sewage Cyber Security

OT Security For The Water & Waste Water Sector

Threat & Intrusion Detection System for critical infrastructure OT
  • Detect multi-stage cyber attacks in real-time

    … through complete visibility of all OT assets and communication.

  • Mitigate cyber incidents fast and effectively

    … through real-time anomaly detection and notification with all forensic data.

  • Secure water operations 24/7

    … through immediate actionability and professional support by Rhebo experts.

Water quality needs cybersecurity

The water and waste water sector is critical for society, the economy as well as the health of people and the environment. The advancing digitization and process automation optimize operations, but also create new attack surfaces for cyber attacks as well as human error. The near-miss incident at the Oldsmar water utility in Florida, USA demonstrated how quickly water quality can be put at risk. Not only was it sheer luck that nothing worse happened. Because visibility into the OT was lacking, it also remained unclear for two (!) years whether the incident was a cyberattack or internal error.

At the same time, the water sector is struggling with a lack of skilled personnel for operational technology (OT) security, while policymakers and associations are expanding requirements for critical infrastructure.

Trust Build on Expertise

What our customers say
The audit has given us a clearer picture of all processes in our complex industrial control system. This enabled us to analyze all communication traffic extensively and check the ICS specifically for vulnerabilities. We were impressed by the smooth process. The direct development of effective measures optimally prepared us for future cyber security risks.
Falk Richter, Leipziger Wasserwerke Team Leader IT Systems and Applications
Water Sewage Cyber Security
The company supplies 545,000 people with fresh drinking water from five utilities. In addition, 25 sewage plants treat 95,000 m³ of wastewater daily for reintroduction into natural waters.
Rhebo's ICS monitoring system provides us with systematic support in monitoring remote maintenance and remote access points as well as detecting defects and anomalies in the ICS before they cause disruptions in the energy or water supply.
Rainer Fuhrmann, EWR Netz GmbH Head of Industrial Control
EWR Netz GmbH develops and operates energy, water and telecommunications networks in the German regions of Rheinhessen, Ried and Pfalz.
  • eBook »NIS2 in OT networks«


    Ensure actionability and control residual risk



  • Reference LWW


    Ensuring correct segmentation and closure of vulnerabilities at the Leipzig municipal water utility



  • IEC 61850 White paper


    Establishing effective, cross-site OT security in system-integrated infrastructures according to IEC 61850



Simple and effective OT security for the water sector

Detect attacks on your operational technology network

With Rhebo, companies in the water and waste water sector can secure their industrial processes and infrastructures against professional, multi-stage cyber attacks in a targeted manner. We establish complete asset visibility in the OT, identify vulnerabilities, and detect cyber incidents in real time that could put the security, integrity, and availability of critical processes at risk.

Ensure legal and standard compliance

Rhebo solutions comply to and support the security requirements for a thorough security posture laid out in the NIS 2 Directive and specified in the various national legislations. With our OT monitoring, anomaly detection, and security services, we deliver simple, focused, and rapidly integrated solutions to meet the requirements for logging and detecting security-related events in OT, and to ensure rapid response to incidents.

Bridge the OT security resources gap

Rhebo supports its customers along the entire OT security lifecycle – from initial risk analysis, to integration and baselining, to managed OT monitoring with the Rhebo threat and intrusion detection. Thus, companies in the water and waste water sector can focus on their core business without losing sight of the security of their critical processes.

3 steps to intrusion detection in your OT

  • Step 1: Risk analysis


    Establish visibility and identify existing risks and vulnerabilities with the Rhebo Industrial Security Assessment



  • Step 2: Intrusion detection


    Integrate an industrial IDS with OT monitoring and anomaly detection with Rhebo Industrial Protector



  • Step 3: Support


    Bridge your OT security resource gap and tap into Rhebo’s long-standing expertise with Rhebo Managed Protection





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